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Is your IT business losing quality sales?

Is your IT business losing quality sales
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The World Wide Web has become a deep and unquantifiable ocean of content, so the word ‘competition’ would be simply an understatement. With digital marketing taking the front seat, customers and web users are heavily bombarded by marketers with all types of content. Thus, the audience today is not only skeptical of the content, but is also increasingly turning sick of it. This is the reason content ought to be good, be it informative, entertaining or a just a view on some relevant topic.

Content today is not about drafting those eye-catchy headlines, clickbait and link building now, since it is all about creating useful minus waste and making the most out of your marketing budget by providing what your audience wants. Long story short, it is all about putting the customers ahead. Though a CRM software can help you to know your customers, you need to be tactful when it comes to content.


Now when it comes to an IT organisation, content often takes a backseat, whereas a good number of IT organisations hugely rely on content for stirring up their lead generation process. This is quite self-explanatory that no IT business can do without content, good content!


Though there is a plethora of options available today for the marketers to drive content ranging from infographic to visuals and whitepapers to social media, the objective is to craft the right content that is apt for your audience out there.


Nevertheless, businesses all around the world are grappled with what we call it as ‘bad content’.


What exactly is bad content?

Bad content often ranges from being highly devious to extremely boring. To make it worst, there comes automated content, which is often juiced out or duplicated from another resource and is re-published only to be taken down by search engines. This is the only reason, smart marketers refrain from crafting such content and stick to original. Simply put, a business is only hurting its brand repute and image by posting such content.


Here’s how ‘bad content’ can devour your lead generation efforts in no time:


  1. Your content is not solving the problem!

Yes, your content resolve the issues of your prospects. Since we are dealing with tech-savvy and smart breed of customers today, missing out on this vital aspect is sure to turn them off. Initial interactions, which are often struck through email marketing campaigns are quite essential, since they will decide the fate of your relationship with your customers in long-term. So make sure your email marketing content addresses or talks about a potential problem the prospect might be facing and does not blabber about your products only.


  1. Your content is not factual

Yes, your content back your claims through some real-world examples. For example, a content marketing campaign praising about your products and its USPs won’t do much good than a nice and factual case study, which talks about how your product addressed a critical problem for one of your customers. The idea here is to trigger interests among your prospects and create the right conditions to strike a long-term engagement with them.


  1. Your content is too promotional

Many IT organisations fall in this bucket, where they tend to use their official blog as a platform or medium to set out public relations or bombard the readers with adverts via emails. Remember that the audience today prefers to consume the information on their own terms and spoon-feeding or bombarding them just won’t help.


  1. Your content is redundant or undesirable

Ask any modern day visualizer or graphic designer about minimalist design and he/she is sure to preach the idea. Yes, being minimal is the most preferred step in creating effective content and designs. Don’t forget that decision-makers won’t have much time to spend on the nitty-gritty details of the content. Thus, your content ought to reflect the message in a concise and crisp manner.



Winning the content game calls for determining what as a business you would want to attain with every type of content you serve to your audience followed by brainstorming for various ideas to reach those goals.


Your content should talk to your audience in a unique tone reflecting your organisation’s value and how your product will help them address real problems. The content should educate, inform and preferably, tickle your audience.


Lastly yet importantly, always remember the fact that bad content is a serious threat to a business and must be averted at all costs.


To know how a CRM solution can help up your content marketing game by helping you better understand your customers and their needs, contact us here or send us a mail at or simply SMS SAGE 56767 for a free demo or consultation.


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