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Keep your customers engaged with social CRM – Part 2

Need for Social CRM


In our previous blog, we got to know about Social CRM and how is it beneficial. Going further, we will now discuss, how Social CRM benefits the different departments of the organization.

Marketing Team – Marketing team is the primary team to be benefitted from a Social CRM. Constant monitoring and identifying the biggest promoters of the company on the online platform and the also identifying the biggest threats before it even rises up, should be the major focus area of the Marketing team. After collecting and analyzing what the customers are sharing, the Marketing team can design an effective campaign to target or retarget their products to their new or existing customers.

Management Team – In terms of branding and brand value, the Management team will be more interested in a Social CRM. Knowing what their customers are talking about the company is very important to the Management team as they know where they stand in the market and how can they move ahead. The nature of Social Media is such that it does not take time for smallest things to become viral and harm a company.

Sales Team – Knowing what their present customers are talking about the company, the Sales Team can build a strong case for their product and let the present customers act as advisors or promoters of their products.

Business Departments – Social CRM can help departments across the business to give up their traditional hierarchical roles and come together to help the company grow. Sharing relevant information across geographies and departments. In today’s world, it is important to be fast and accessible to customers and their queries. Getting the query solved by information from the relevant department in time is important for the brand image of the company.


How can you master the Social CRM?

Need for Social CRM - Infographics
Need for Social CRM – Infographics

Before anything, it is important for the company to embrace Social Media and should be ready to have an interaction with their customers online. Embracing the idea of Social CRM makes it easier to accept and implement. One should also keep it in mind that the damage done on Social Media will not be repaired and comes with huge expenses. On the other hand, an opinion or idea in favor of the company is also bound to grow folds.


Being responsive:

Just merely updating the Social Media pages of the company with a post or an announcement will not help. It is the customer or the prospect of the company who drives the conversation ahead by engaging with the post and posting their queries or thoughts. Responding to these engagements should be the top priority of the company and it is here that business departments will benefit by helping each other to get the information right and in time.


Humanize the interaction:

We need to understand that the people on Social Media are real people and the questions that they have put up are real too. Hence, an automated or IVR like response from the company is the least that he is expecting. Hence, responses like “Thank you, our representatives will get in touch with you” is not what the customer has been expecting. He wants an answer to his query and very fast that too. Hence, the company should focus on gathering resources and humanize the whole experience of the customer.


Reward for Interactions:

After building relationships, it is important to build patrons for the company. Ones who can promote the company. For doing this, the company should honor all the interactions done by customer in the favor of the company since word of mouth is still the trusted method of marketing and buying.

Data collected about loyal customers will eventually help them in converting into referral or development partners. Hence, the company needs to keep its eyes and ears open for all interactions that are happening.


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