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Keep your customers engaged with Social CRM

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Before starting with why does an organization needs a Social CRM, we need to understand what is Social CRM? This blog will try to understand what is Social CRM and the difference between Social CRM and regular CRM.


By the end of 2020, the number of users on social media is expected to cross 3.7 billion. Facebook already has nearly 2.4 billion active users. With more than 16 million users, LinkedIn is still the fastest growing Social platform in more than 200+ countries with 660+ million users. The popular micro-blogging site, Twitter has a record of generating over 34% leads for brands by the campaign done.


In all of them, there is one thing common, social platforms are like a gold mine for prospects and leads for a company. And it’s time that a company needs to actively start participating on social platforms for more lead generation and brand awareness. Here is where Social CRM from Sage Software Solutions plays an important part.


A Social CRM is a strategy that helps in building deeper, richer and more fruitful relationships between the company and a prospect. It helps in taking valuable insights from customer conversations of the business and bundles it up with the sales call, emails and any other communication and stores it centrally in the CRM for further analysis by the sales or the marketing team.


Now to ask what is the difference between a CRM software and Social CRM?


CRM tool is a Management software for marketing, sales and customer services. Here, the management can see the lead flow and the pipeline on basis of which they can forecast their plans and allocate budgets.


Social CRM on the other hand, is about monitoring what leads / prospects are talking about the company or the specific keyword on social media platforms and storing the same. It uses CRM tools and workflows like a part of the company process.


By integrating social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, the company can easily identify and prioritize their approach towards a prospect.


Why to integrate a Social CRM?


Social Media has a very fast growing population. Due to the viral nature of social media, companies and people prefer to be there and talk about their product or concerns using the platforms. But it can also be used to gain useful insights about the company and the customer service that the company is expected to give.


There is a huge amount of data which can be easily collected and used in analysis by the company. Finding the trends which are abuzz among the prospects becomes easier and faster then.


The communication which happens is very instantaneous with better team and business collaborations. All the teams – Sales, Marketing and Customer Services need to work closely not only for faster communication but also for better customer retention.


To know how Sage CRM can elevate your social media operations, reach us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to us at for a quick demo and consultation.


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