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Know why your ERP System is Burning Holes in your Pockets

ERP system
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Business leaders and managers take into consideration a number of factors prior to choosing an ERP software. Of all the factors, the most important is the ‘cost’ factor. Though you may end up choosing a budget-friendly solution only to find out that the decision went out to dig huge holes in your pockets. So how do you know if your ERP software is costing you fortune? Read on to find out:

  1. Every ERP project involves experts that assist the teams to make key decisions pertaining to ERP requirements, implementation and adoption. Often, a minimum of three to five crew experts are involved at every stage of the project development.
  2. Then comes the need to having internal or external resources that will assist in data conversions, intermediate development or reporting. Implementing an ERP software is a great achievement, but not without proper evaluations and reporting. Here, reporting includes the licensing costs required for every software platform used to develop the system for the end-users.
  3. Resources that need for supporting communications and training the development activities as well as deployment. Sometimes you may think that the implementation consultants will assist the overall process, but the organisation’s personnel also have to invest most of their time supporting the functions and processes.
  4. Time is of paramount importance when it comes to ERP implementation, as most of the time is required by the management for decision-making and other processes that need approval from all the stakeholders. These decisions assure that the project heads in the right direction meeting all the requirements. This method if followed appropriately decreases the risks of failures. Failing to do so increases the odds of an ERP implementation failure.
  5. Big ERP projects usually are fragmented and take time and resources. This usually requires a large intelligence resources and time to have a great operating module. It is not good to assume that the software itself will provide solutions, as project resources have to dedicate their time to achieve this.
  6. ERP project implementation expenses do soar up if the project undertaken is global. Most of the costs are related to consulting teams that leverage their time and intelligence on the solution.
  7. These are not the only costs to be considered, as there are many more factors in executing successful ERP implementation. However, considering the afore-mentioned factors will assist you to be in a much better position in order to help you tame the costs.

ERP software implementation might seem a nightmare and time-consuming thing, but proper planning and the right vendor at your disposal can help you sail smoothly without bombing your budget. To know about safe and budget-friendly ERP software implementation, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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