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Millennials and ERP: The New Hit Duo

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Look around your office and you can unarguably see that millennials (Gen-Y) have taken over the baby boomers and Gen-X workforce. Yes, millennials are outnumbering Gen X and baby boomers in a number of industry verticals, be it manufacturing, retail or IT.

Millennials, who are they?

Millennials are the very first breed of workers raised in the so-called ‘connected’ world. Their strong dependence and familiarity with smartphone, Internet, technology, electronic communication and digital technology is calling for changes in the way several industry verticals interact with the data. Millennials are said to be extremely tech-savvy and ambitious all geared up to change the world we live in.

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Thus, businesses in order to attract Gen-Y workers are embracing advanced enterprise technology solutions that forego those frequent face-to-face meetings and telephonic calls.

So how exactly are millennials influencing the enterprise resource planning or ERP software landscape?

  1. Communication anytime, anywhere

Since millennials are the inventors of the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) concept, which means they prefer data to be readily available on the go. Communications happen on the run for millennials. In addition, the tech-savvy Gen-Y workforce favours live communications over the traditional emails or phone calls. This is the reason behind the rising demands for cloud based and flexible ERP solutions that offer unparalleled mobility and accessibility. Though the increasing popularity and adoption of BYOD concept might come as a nightmare for the IT departments, the reality is that we are fast shifting to more connected workplaces steered by none other than the millennials.

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  1. Millennials eat, sleep and breathe analytics

In today’s era of millennials, an Enterprise Resource Planning solution that fails to offer customised dashboards, personalised reports and real time KPIs is a huge turn-off. Understand the fact that millennials are obsessed about analytics and expect to possess all the modern utilities and tools that would help them lay hands on valuable insights to make informed decisions. Access to business intelligence reports in real-time is a great turn-on for millennials. Being the most connected workforce, Gen-Y workers yearn for analytics. They expect customised reports, interactive and user-friendly dashboards at their fingertips.

  1. Plug and play

Train less, run faster is the new normal for millennials. Since they engage on seamless and defect-free social media interfaces on a regular basis, they certainly wouldn’t settle for something burdensome and unfriendly. A robust Enterprise Resource Planning system curbs the training time and is more like a plug-and-play application. It should support multitasking, which is the lifeblood for millennials to stay productive and competitive.


Good news is that Enterprise Resource Planning vendors and providers are realising the need for millennial-friendly ERP systems to meet the demands of the fast escalating Gen-Y workforce. Thus, ERP systems available today are mobile friendly, can provide real time business intelligence and flexible. Long story short, the rise of millennials is a good omen for the ERP landscape.

Is your ERP system millennial-friendly? If not, then make sure that your enterprise technology is up-to-date and supports as well as empowers the fast growing Gen-Y workforce. Reach out to an Enterprise Resource Planning expert at Sage Software Solutions here to discuss how a mobile-friendly ERP can empower millennials at your organisation. Simply send us a mail at

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