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Minimize your sales cycle with Sage CRM

Minimize your sales cycle with Sage CRM
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Sales cycle in business means the period of time from enquiry put across by the customer, the initial contact being made with a customer, the identification of services or goods to be procured, the acceptance of the intended purchase, and the transaction that completes the sale. Sales Cycle depends on a lot of factors – experience of the sales rep, product features, and willingness of the customer to buy the product. In totality, the aim of every company is to keep its sales cycle short and automated so that more and more deals can be closed. Sales Cycle can also be used as a measure of the efficiency of a sales department within an organization when compared with industry standards.

Five steps to minimize your sales cycle:

Target the perfect customer:


Why do so many of us end up wasting our time (and stretching out the sales cycle) by talking to prospects who have neither the financial ability nor the authority to buy our services? Is it lack of confidence in our abilities to deliver, to sell, or both? Whatever the reason, the shortest distance to a faster sale is the one to the decision maker. Go into a prospective company at the highest level possible. If you can’t start high, find out as quickly as possible who controls the purse strings and who makes the decisions. The easiest way to find the right person to target is by doing proper requirement gathering.

Requirement Analysis:

Proper requirement analysis is the base for a smooth and fast sales cycle. If the sales rep and the team has understood the requirement of the customer well, they will be able to deliver what is expected. Requirement analysis is important for the company to benchmark itself from other competitors and be the first choice for the customer. Sage CRM helps you with recording and analyzing the customer’s requirements while also mapping the presales / technical person to the case. You can build up a demo system along with demo data and track the time that each process or person involved in the project takes to win the case. These data can be made available through Sage CRM mobile app, to get the crucial insights on the go.

Lead tracking:

Tracking of all the leads is an important activity in a Sales cycle, which can be done easily via Sage CRM. Sage CRM software can track all your leads to know where the backlog is happening, on what stage they stand and what does it require to convert them into sales successfully, optimizing the sales cycle.


Better Co-ordination:

To complete the sales cycle, a co-ordination between the sales and the marketing team is needed. In addition to that, a coordinated effort helps in better lead targeting and quicker sales. Hence, Sage CRM software provides a platform wherein both the teams can share their information they have on their leads and the same can be utilized for optimum lead management until the end of the sales cycle.


The sales team are pounded heavily with tough competition in the market and hence are under the pressure of a whole lot of workload. In midst of this work rush, follow up processes, confirmation and notification emails as well as customer updates suffer. However, with Sage CRM software, automating these tasks, scheduling mails and setting up reminders for tasks can be done easily, assuring that you never lose any potential lead or the loyalty of your customers.

Hence, to conclude with, Sage CRM software is a top-notch business management software, designed to perfection, which can effectively cut short your sales cycle. It can help you gain loyal customers, manage your leads proficiently and induce a cooperative collaboration among your marketing and sales team, thereby boosting sales and performance of your company. To know more about lead management and boosting sale performance with Sage CRM, contact us here, you can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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