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Mobile-Friendly Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

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ERP forms the base architecture of any company. It gathers, stores, manages and decodes the data from multiple departments. While most of the companies have adopted ERP systems, there are still a few companies yet to explore the potential of this modern- age software.

Consider ERP to act as a SPOC for all your inter-department communications and operations. With an ERP all the departments are leveraged to access required data by eliminating human redundancies through a single system. Different departments of your organization like human resources, finance, accounting, inventory, purchase management, marketing and sales and others could all be integrated with an ERP. It is anticipated that in next couple of years, ERP market size will reach $41.69 billion.

Mobile ERP

The fact that nowadays, both technology and mobility goes hand-in-hand. Consumers are looking for comfortable options when buying, reviewing or suggesting any product/ service. Referral world is getting innovated with a lot of creative ideas. Even the ease of access to various websites, ecommerce platforms and gaming zones have made it mandatory for companies to have web app/ mobile app.

From small businesses to big enterprise, almost everyone is going mobile. Considering ERP as one of the biggest support system of any business, it is utmost necessary to have its mobile version for ease of operations and maximum time utilization. Sage 300cloud makes it the most beloved and demanded ERP solution of today’s time due to its flawless mobility features. Here are some:

  1. Global Project Management
  2. Freedom from Desks
  3. Real-Time Visibility
  4. Easy Remote Access
  5. Data Security

Need for Mobile ERP

Businesses can run only when there is money rolling and that can be achieved through a strong workforce dedicated to build opportunities ahead of time. But, if your talented minds are busy filling the spreadsheets, communicating with different departments through old forms that demands both time and focus, creating reports every now and then for analysis and sending them to the managers, how are they to raise the productivity bar?

With an ERP software, it is possible for your teams to automate the mundane work and focus on more important tasks from anywhere, anytime. Sage 300cloud allows you to easily create the demand analysis of your inventories so that you do not run out of them at the most crucial times. Tracking multiple shipments from various departments, performing multi-language operations, dealing with multi-currency are a few of many ERP features.

Mobile ERP is necessary because it is not possible for you to always stick by your computers doing the tedious task all by yourself. You may want to meet different people and to convert them into customers also will have to show your company performance reports. This can be handled easily through a Mobile ERP. Sage Enterprise Management software lets you communicate with various departments involved in the production and delivery of a manufacturing business with real-time remote access.

It is also possible to easily customize the ERP features as per your industry needs, business goals and number of users. Regardless of which industry you operate in, and ERP solution will always work the best for you. Sage Enterprise Management Mobile Web App offers solutions to following industries:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. E commerce
  3. Healthcare
  4. Automobile
  5. Food & Beverage
  6. Hospitality
  7. Retail
  8. Engineering Services
  9. Shipping & Logistics
  10. Real Estate

Download Sage 300cloud Equipment Manufacturing Case Study

Current day businesses cannot afford wasting on time and efforts due to the steep competition. Consumers are getting more selective about their choices and therefore, it is important for businesses to evolve at a faster pace. Mobile ERP is one of the most reliable enterprise management solutions for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds.

To know how Sage 300cloud can help your business go mobile and increase the productivity, SMS SAGE to 56767 to book a FREE demo.

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