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Need for Business Applications

Need for Business Applications | Best ERP Company
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Today every company needs a business applications to not only run its business applications, but also handle complex business aspects like revenue, productivity and growth. Business Applications like Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management are required not only to run the business, but also keep a cordial relationship with the customers and improve customer service.

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP: –

Every company requires something which integrates their internal and external information which can be in the form of accounting information, transactions, human resources etc. An ERP for Business Applications operates as a software which is implemented in your system and gives SME’s a modular architecture. It actually segregates the available information and provides you with more clear and easy to access the environment.

ERP is a must for every organization be it SMEs or Larger enterprises. Usually, the information to be input is vast. Hence, even a small company has few people assigned especially to perform back office tasks such as Order tracking, revenue tracking etc. Handling such a huge amount of information becomes a nightmare for any team with a local customized solution or next to impossible for a company without any resource planning system. ERP is not only a solution, it is a tool using technology to solve the problems and streamline the business process across the verticals and departments.

Advantages experienced by companies after implementing ERP for Business Applications are as follows: –
    1. Visibility – Data or Information is visible to all the members of the team operating back end operations.


    1. Error-free – It reduces error up to a great extent and thus improves decision making.


  1. Remote access – Branches stay connected remotely and multiple operations can be performed from multiple locations.

The best feedback by companies using an ERP solution is that they gain control to their information (i.e. no duplications etc).

One of the best choice for this genre would be Sage 300 ERP, an award-winning business management software; it is helping SMEs all over the globe to streamline their complicated business process. Its on-demand deployment model allows you and your company to grow without any extra burden on IT support.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM: –

ERP systems are mostly focused on back office and operations related processes generally. These do not directly affect customers and other departments. To maintain a good customer relation for a good customer service is important. Hence, this need has given rise to customer relationship management (CRM) which deals directly with customers. It has become a must for every organization now who are directly or indirectly involved in sales process.  According to a study by IT consulting firm Aberdeen – “The winners in this new economy will be those companies that can effectively leverage the Internet to redesign, automate and integrate all business operations”.

Why do we need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) after all?

The ultimate goal of any organization is to generate profit; this can be done by getting more and more clients and maintaining the existing ones. All the two criteria can be easily handled with the help of a good CRM.

A good CRM can answer any organization’s critical questions like: –

    • What exactly do our customers want and need? and


  • What do we need to do to be able to produce and deliver it to our customers?

Sage CRM acts as an effective way to handle your sales team by allotting them with particular task, timeline to complete that task, thus making successful completion of task on given time.

Sage CRM which comes with two different editions Standard & Advance provides you with core functionalities like Sales, lead generation, pipeline management, marketing, customer Care Automation facilities etc. Sage CRM Advance edition lets your staff to have an access on a mobile device such as a smart phone or Blackberry.

This important tool can take your business to another level, and overall the organization’s service flows and teams work more efficiently and more happily.

To know which business applications serves best to your needs, Our consultant will get in touch with you. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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