Octroi Receipt entry Software in India

Octroi Receipt Entry in Sage 300

Generally the automobile industries having the octroi payment & receipts which are to be paid and managed on a regular basis. Fleet management companies need to regularly maintain and update all the Octroi payment made for what route, for what vehicle, so that costing for record purpose or for hiring, transportation and logistics can be done including the Octroi charges.

If the Fleet management company is working Pan India, it becomes a tedious task to maintain an entry in a single place. Duplicity of entries is also a possibility.

Here Sage 300 can be of a great help for calculating and maintaining Octroi charges. This utility assists you at the time of making Octroi Receipt entries. First of all we will see what the octroi charges are? The state government levies the octroi charges when any product for consumption purpose enters the state. These charges are applicable in Maharashtra and Gujarat and the charges can fluctuate as per the Government regulations.

The octroi charge is payable by the recipient at the time of delivery. The courier will collect the octroi amount from the recipient at the time of delivery. Any product due for delivery in a location that falls under the octroi zone will attract applicable government duties, which are the octroi charges.

For achieving this, Sage 300 will proving you the master screen where you can save the percentage rate of the Octroi for particular locations. Please refer the below screen.


Octroi Receipt Entry software in India
Octroi Receipt Entry software


In this screen you will have option for selecting the business unit (Maruti, Honda, Hyundai, etc.), RTO Area (octroi applicable area), Tax applicable on (Sales / Purchase) & respective percentages which would be needful for making octroi receipt entry.

Automobile industries have different service providers or Agents for paying all these charges on behalf of industries & then later on the agent will send the total bill including their margin to industry. And after that you can make receipt entry against agent bill.

Here we will see the small example. Let us consider, agent will paid the octroi charges for 3 vehicles (which has unique chassis number). So after particular time span agent will send the bill to dealer for payment. The bill will have a chassis number and the amount paid by him for that particular a chassis number.

After all this, when you have paid the bill amount to agent then you have to make the Octroi Receipt entry from below screen:


Octroi Receipt Entry Software in India
Octroi Receipt Entry Software


With the help of above screen you can maintain your octroi receipt data into the Sage 300 & later on you can have enough data for reporting purpose. To know more about how can you manage other taxes from a single platform, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at sales@sagesoftware.co.in


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