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How CRM Software Can Avoid Real Estate Industry Pitfalls?

How CRM Software Can Avoid Real Estate Industry Pitfalls?
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Managing client data, lead generation and client interaction and finally closing the deal by automating workflow is what the real estate CRM software does. And these actions result in increased efficiency in the real estate start-up leading to faster closing of real estate deals.

Mentioned below are pointers to consider while choosing the right real estate CRM software.

Access to a single admin or many: First identify who will manage the database – a single person or a team.  In case more members would be moderating, select a real estate CRM software that allows access to a few administrators at a flat rate.

Modules available: While choosing the CRM for the real estate industry, check for modules required for the real-estate start-up and the modules that are available with the vendor. There are CRM solutions that support a real estate start-up right from lead generation to closing the deal. Choose until what stage you want the features to be: a nascent transaction coordinator stage where once the lead is converted into a deal, then solution is not put to use, or a 360 degree manager where CRM solution with all the extra features – start to end- gives the business an extra edge.

Availability of campaigns: Many CRM solutions offer workflows or campaigns that can be customized to the needs of the real estate start-up. If you are looking at creating your own campaigns you can give this a miss. However, if you are looking for this value-add, choose a real estate CRM software solution that offers this feature.

Mobile CRM: As most of the real estate business involves being on the site, real estate start-ups depend on laptops, tablets and smart phones to be in touch with employees while out of office. While evaluating CRM software for real estate start ups, choose software that offer mobile CRM capabilities.

Social Media Integration: It is in the benefit of real estate start-ups to choose CRM software that offer social media integration so that company gets the exposure it requires.

Easy interface with other apps: While choosing real estate CRM software, check for seamless integration with other real estate software that you are using – for instance SMS gateway. Additionally, ease of use is an important pointer to look for as this will can turn leads into deals.

Licensing options: Check the licensing cost while choosing the CRM solution for real estate industry. Real estate start-ups can evaluate the options of a cloud model so that it is a yearly opex. Another option is the on-premise software, where an upfront licensing cost has to be paid up front. Given that, users may have to pay for customization, upgrades and maintenance.

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