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ERP for Discrete Manufacturing Industry

ERP for Discrete Manufacturing Industry
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Discrete Manufacturing is an important Manufacturing segment of Manufacturing. Here, the manufacturing happens in parts and then it is assembled to make one product. There may be times wherein the products are manufactured in completely different geographical regions and brought to one place for assembly. Examples of such manufacturing is airplanes, automobiles, smart phones, etc. In most of these industries, many parts are manufactured in labor intensive countries like India and China and they are then brought back to their home country for assembly.

For such a discrete manufacturing unit, it is very important for the company to keep a tab on all the parts that are being manufactured along with the country and time frame that they will be complete in. Sage 300 ERP from Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd comes with a very comprehensive solution for such intense industries.

Sage 300 ERP Software for Discrete Manufacturing companies is a comprehensive suite of Operational, Financial, project management, customer relationship and Manufacturing Modules. It is designed to accommodate the unique requirements that today’s Discrete Manufacturers have. The key feature that a Global Solution with a local presence is what makes the difference for owners, distributors, retailers of SME businesses.

Sage 300 ERP for Discrete Manufacturing offers a user the flexibility, support and the power that one needs to face for challenges. This manufacturing system for Make to Order and Make to stock as well as customizations is simple yet powerful. This Manufacturing suite is an efficient operation flow system covering the material purchased, processing the manufacturing orders, WIP (Work-In-Progress), cost calculations, the materials consumed and the substitute. From order received to order complete, a full tracking of every phase and processes.

To highlight some features that Sage 300 ERP provides for Discrete Manufacturing:

Bills of Materials:

The system supports a multi-level BOM structure with an unlimited number of revisions and codes per item code. It is based on a standard quantity for each product. BOM in Sage 300 ERP lets one define the scrap production allowances for all components with an archived Engineering Change Notice or ECN for the BOM structure.

Manufacturing Order Processing:

Sage 300 ERP allows the user to plan, release, and schedule and keep a track of the Manufacturing Orders to manage the production floor better. Easy linking of MO with any outstanding Subcontract MOs and with any Open Sales Orders and Purchase Orders is also possible.

With Sage 300 ERP for Discrete Manufacturing, manage the partial and full material issuance easily along with their receipts and records. It is very important here to ‘Close Out’ all the Manufacturing Orders and calculate the actual and thee production costs and variances.

Online Average Costing:

It is only at the point of posting that the Cost that the Cost of Production is calculated. All that along with the finished goods’ production cost is calculated easily on the actual Sage 300 ERO IC Inventory issuance. Not only finished goods but the whole production floor can be divided into different work centers which can in turn be accessed by the routing production operations in Sage 300 ERP.

Other variables like Costing can be direct and packaging and overhead costs which can either be fixed or variables, can be fed and calculated in an automated environment in Sage 300 ERP.

Not only materials but labor and resources costs are very essential to a firm. Though Discrete Manufacturing may seem just like another industry, the complexity that it has, is what makes this complicated and different. But with Sage 300 ERP, the start to end processes is managed easily and smoothly. From input of a raw material to the production, packaging, distribution and reporting, Sage 300 ERP brings all the functionalities of the firm under one roof.

It also helps in smoothing a process and redefining it to make it more productive and cost effective for the clients.

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