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Sage 300cloud: Get smart with numbering

Sage 300cloud: Get smart with numbering
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Managing your business data with ERP is no longer a daunting thing to do, since ERP systems have evolved outstandingly in the last few years making it easier and flexible to seep through business data. Current gen ERP solutions automate the overall process of procurement.


ERP has proven to be a boon to industries that need to manage their daily tasks and need an automated sorting functionality for the same. Sage 300cloud ERP software provides a way better solution by providing a Numbering system. Yes, numbering system provides a flexibility to meet different requirements. This makes it easy to manage and secure the transactions.


Here are few notable benefits of using Sage300 cloud’s numbering system to manage document Numbers:


  1. Easy access to transactions

Using a defined numbering structure enables one to get access to the document easier and much faster. It makes searching a document with required criteria through document number easy. The numbering module in Sage 300cloud ERP software allows one to set a predefined structure code for different transactions individually. Multiple methods or numbering on the other hand makes defining the documents based on particular segment or criteria easier.


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  1. Unmatched flexibility

Numbering system allows one to define structures effectively. Once you set this, the system auto generates document numbers and thus, you do not need to configure the same repeatedly saving time and efforts. It provides numbering on various segments in the transactions like locations, bank codes, account sets and so on. Further, one can opt to customize this according to preferences and requirements.


  1. Seamless document tracking

Seamless tracking of documents based on defined structures. One can also use Custom texts to define the document numbers per requirements. Further, adding a custom segment is also available with Sage 300cloud’s document numbering module.


Overall, the numbering module in Sage 300cloud increases the system’s flexibility by allowing the users to control the transactions based on Numbering. This is how Sage 300cloud helps you get smart with numbering and document management.


Keep checking this space for more features and updates about Sage 300cloud. To know how the new and advanced Sage 300cloud can help your business, SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a note at for a FREE demo or consultation.


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