CRM for Financial Services in India

Sage CRM for Finance Lending firms

Any standard CRM can be used to cater to the three major departments of an organization which is the Marketing, Sales and Services. But a company as it grows, it needs a better system. A technology which stills serves the standard feature to the company will not be able to cater to the growing needs of the company. A growing company needs a scalable and a robust business solution which can help the company grow and profit.

Sage CRM comes with the standard features which can itself fulfill the need of an organization by making minimum configurations. But for the larger companies, who need more than the traditional and standard feature of a CRM, we have Sage CRM which is open for customizations which makes our life easy to fit the applications in most of the organizations by tweaking the standard behavior.

Taking finance as the base, let us see how Sage CRM for Finance Lending firms can benefit the financial aspect of the company. The executives in such companies start and end their work with customers and their whole day evolves around customer and looking at their information. So, the basic information which would be available in the CRM for Finance lending firms are as follows:


  • Customer 360 degree View:

This will be the Home Page for every user of the finance lending firm which allows them to be ready with the information as and when they are on call with customer. Basically, this page will display the personal details, permanent address, Purchase information, top 10 activities, and top 10 Cases and other recent Purchases. You can have a look at the below screenshot.


CRM for Finance Lending firms in India
CRM for Finance Lending firms


  • Purchase Information:

A separate page to display purchases of a particular customer which would display LAN No, current status and other details in the CRM for Financial Services. Have a look at the below screenshot.


CRM for Finance Lending firms in India
CRM for Finance Lending firms


  • Activities panel:

A page to add the activities or communications done with the customer. This would be basically used to add the phone and email communications done with the customer.


  • Cases Panel:

A page to display list of cases being registered against a customer. Cases would basically be used to log issues related to following categories.

  • Address Change Request
  • Change in EMI Date
  • Charge Related Information
  • CIBIL Information
  • Change Number
  • Do Not Call
  • Document Retrieval
  • Duplicate NOC
  • EMI Deposition (Cash)
  • EMI Deposition (Cheque)

Based on the category of the case, workflow will be different for the customer service department to close the case.


  • Documents:

A page where all the important documents about the customer can be stored and can be referred as and when required.

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