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Sage ERP Solutions for growth of Indian SMEs

Sage ERP Solutions for growth of Indian SMEs
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Indian SMEs today are contributing towards 45% of industrial output and produces more than 8000 quality products every year. To increase the output and the level of the quality, there are many new technologies that are coming up. Adoption to the emerging technologies is the most important for any industry to handle the increased competitions. The success of the company is widely dependent on Innovation, Research and development. As a company grows, the requirements of the company also grows and so the structure.

It is here that they need to choose their growth partners wisely. Especially technology partner as with the right ERP or CRM software, the company can grow big but with an average ERP or a CRM software, the company will be burning its hands and instead of concentrating on revenue, it will try and save their more losses and in turn, spend more money and time.

Vision and Mission of SMEs

The Vision and Mission statement of a SME is setup considering the immediate environment and challenges. There are many times that they may not have a set process or have a dynamic process or system which changes with the situations and challenges. Sometimes, the management may not be sure of processes and may end up spending more and be less efficient. It is here also that an efficient ERP / CRM software can help such an institution as they help the company to formulate processes and a framework of workflows which will help them. For e.g., a world class product like Sage Software Solutions which has been implemented in nearly all verticals and industries, has proven workflows which are helpful in smoothing the processes and in turn helping the organizations.

While implementing or choosing a technology partner, a firm needs to see into the processes too as they will help the company in achieving their Vision and Mission on a longer term

Operational Challenges

Many times startups or SMEs fail due to wrongly addressed challenges or not identifying the key challenges due to lack in processes. Here, it is important that these challenges are identified at the right time to avoid any block in growth. Here also, selecting the right technology partner is important as it can help and optimize the pain areas of the company.

The major pain area of the industry in technology aspects are

    • Increased Productivity


    • Quality Output


    • Best practices for doing the business


    • Building the Reputation


    • Connected environment with customers


*  Reports, data  strategies and decision Making

Considering these pain areas are very central and very critical for an organization. A right technology can help a SME not only grow but also sustain which is the next step after growth.


Impact Technology towards the challenges

It’s not mandatory that every company should be specialized in all areas of a business functioning. The major point to success is work as a team with your vendors, as they will help you with their own specialized skills and areas. Sage ERP application comes with the set of best practices from all industries and it will help the organizations to stream line their processes and increase the productivity. Automation of business through ERP solutions will lead to come out with all the above challenges. These enterprise solutions will automate all the business process and have its own check points to make sure there is no deviation. Sage ERP applications is made to align with the organization’s vision and mission. Hence, it works in parallel to meet the SME’s goals. It gives the comfort zone to the employees and the customers as it helps bridge the gap between your team and your customers by giving you the real time data take faster and right decisions. The defined process will build the company’s reputation with the employees as well with the customer.

Why Sage Software Solutions?

With more than 20+ years of experience in ERP and CRM, Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd is recognized as the most valuable supporter of small and mid-size business in India. Sage Software Solutions is an end to end ERP solution provider and it has a wide range of product and solution line to cater to all the needs of a business. It is mainly a solution which will grow with your business. Organizations if a small startup, in that scenario Sage Software Solutions will help you in the accounting modules suited for the Indian environment. When the business grows the organization can scale up the solution to the other needs like SCM, HCM, BI, etc. Sage has more than 6 million customers and have experience in all the industry verticals, so it will guide you in the right path of doing the business with the global exposure.


Most of the company’s major focus to increase the efficiency but the other way around is to reduce the non-value added activities which result in increased efficiencies.  With the Gen Z taking up the mantle, things are changing. To begin with, most work is done on the computer and not on paper. This adds value and also helps in data security. For a SME environment, it is very important to have a technology partner which is just like them and will grow with them. To setup an innovative environment and to compete with the competition, ERP adoption for the business is very essential. Choose your technology partner wisely lead your business to success. For more details, write to Sage Software Solutions at

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