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Sage X3 ERP: Vendor Transaction

Sage X3 ERP: Vendor Transaction | Sage Software Solutions
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In our previous blogs we have discussed about sales register and purchase register of India pack reports. In this blog we will be discussing about Vendor Transaction Reports. AP Vendor Transaction is a part of the X3 India Pack reports which gives transaction history and amounts owed separately for each supplier/vendor at a glance.

As the name suggests, the AP vendor transaction report gives details of the transactions made by Vendor / Supplier with its opening and running balance. It also gives the information to the user like what are the transactions a particular vendor made, balance, transaction details, currency of the amount and type of transaction and etc.

Sage ERP X3, Vendor Transaction Report, Sage Software Solutions, Sage Software
Vendor Transaction Report

As shown above, we have a provided a screen where user can selects the  range of the Supplier, Transaction Numbers and date. After entering these filter criteria, user just have to click on “Print” button. The report will get printed considering all the filter criteria provided by user. The report will give vendor wise information.

Sage ERP X3, Vendor Transaction, Sage Software, Sage Software Solutions
Sage ERP X3 Report: Vendor Transaction

Hence this report helps a user to know the ledger of the vendor and gives critical information at fingerprint.

In our next blog we will discuss about another report of Sage ERP X3 India Pack.

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