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Sage X3 Mobile Experience
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Sage X3 Mobile Experience

As business grows, adding proficiency in business management becomes pivotal to keep up the pace of the company and to keep on climbing up the success ladder. Thus, many businesses today adapt to ERP software for its efficiency in planning and managing crucial business processes

However, the inconvenience of on premise ERP software of managing every process through a single system can hinder the work of modern day multi taskers, Hence, Sage X3, a partly cloud based ERP software with mobile application can save your day. Sage X3 mobile experience can aid you with streamlined user-experience, controlled access, 24×7 workability and faster response to provide seamless management.


Sage X3 mobile experience


Streamlined user experience:

Sage X3 provides the user with profile based user license, which further can be used to login through any device.  A single user can have different view of same screen in different device. It also allows the users to configure the dashboard the way they want to view the screen in different mobile device. This give a spectacular user experience of Sage X3 on mobile devices.

Control of access:

In any mobile device data, protection is always a challenge. With Sage X3 your IT team will have a greater control restricting the view and data tampering. The ability to store data on cloud server, adds up to better security of data, that can be made available, as and when needed, moreover, the encryption of data keeps it safe from, hackers.

24×7 workability:

Never let an outdoor meeting or a family function you cannot miss, come in between your business management processes. With Sage X3, manage all your process and planning on the go, on its mobile application. With all your important data such as stock, ongoing processes, reminders etc. made available through cloud server, providing a seamless workability, anywhere, on any device at any time of the day.

Easy to use and customizable UI:

Sage ERP software provides its user with an easy to use and customisable dashboard, which provides you the ability to customize your dashboard as per your needs and convenience, letting you quicker and faster access to your data. Moreover, its ease of use can help you manage everything without needing the know how of advanced technology.

If you are in a manufacturing firm, Sage X3 will especially be beneficial to you as you can view all your manufacturing process, inventory and distribution related data on the go and provide for approvals and block inventory even if you are not on your desk. To know more about Sage X3 mobile application and its amazing features, contacts us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767, or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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