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Sales, is it solely dependent on Leads?

Sales, is it solely dependent on Leads?
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A sales person usually has a strong belief that to perform well in Sales, solely depends on the quantity and the quality of the leads they receive, or it may be how good the leads are qualified by the inside sales team so that it can help them achieve their target. But is that really true? Does Sales really only depend on Leads? We would like to differ from the opinion and say no – From Customer Relationship Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, efficient processes becomes vital. A lot of companies use CRM system – either on premise or on cloud, it not only helps the Sales person to track the flow of a lead right from its initial phase till the time deal is won, but also can be used to find, nurture and convert potential into leads.


Here is how you can increase your Sales without being solely dependent on Leads:


  1. Learning Intent: Companies should move away from learning about demographics to leaning more about the intent of the consumer. How to differentiate the genuine buyers from the window shoppers might have been difficult in the past, but today with the power of Internet of Things, Big Data and emerging roles of Data Scientists, it’s just a matter of investment and integrating all your outlets, processes and systems in one to generate a clearer and dependable result.


  1. Social CRM: A Social CRM is your new age CRM which can help you know what your audience is thinking about your product and your company based on Social Media integration and use the same to plan campaigns in and around the interests of your audience to gauge their intent and drive them towards sales.


  1. Marketing Campaigns: Your CRM software can help you a lot in your marketing activities too. Form custom designing your messages to analyzing the response, use the data to nurture the potentials in further campaigns so that you do not just have to rely on traditional push strategies to get leads. You can also integrate your CRM campaigns with online advertisement (landing pages) and analyze how many have filled the form and from which source have they come. This can help you streamline your marketing actions in future helping you get the most out of your ROI.


  1. Customer Service: There are umpteen examples where excellent customer service of a company has led to winning even competitor’s customers. It is not only about solving the problems quickly or answering whenever the customer calls. It is about knowing about the customer pre-hand. A quick look of the customer’s records from the CRM system, you will get to know the problem that he has faced earlier and how were they resolved. This will always help you to get a good word of mouth marketing done which is the most reliable form of marketing since inception of the concept.

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