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Salespeople worry not, AI won’t steal your jobs!

Salespeople worry not, AI won’t steal your jobs
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In sales? Afraid of losing your job to some AI powered virtual assistant (bot, chatbots)? Fear not, as AI won’t be stealing away your job. In fact, it will greatly assist the bottom-line for salespeople, which is more sales.

Bots and AI though curb mundane chores and free up time for better relationship building, the ‘human touch’ is what, which will keep the flame alive for salespeople.

Here’s how AI rather than stealing your job will make it better:

The rise of AI and what it means for salespeople?

AI has been doing a lot of rounds taking the world by a storm since a year or so, as tech giants are gearing up to foot in more and more on AI research and its implications to make lives easier for us. From driving to manufacturing, AI has stirred a wave of celebration as well as dismay garnering mixed reactions from the masses.

In fact, robotics and machines are set to take over a huge chunk of professions and sales is no exception. But before we jump into any conclusion, let’s clear the air a bit.

We all know that not all sales are same. Certain transactional sales will give way to AI, but some sales professions that involve intricate sales process will not be replaced, but in fact will be enhanced by the introduction of AI.

Here’s the cache:        

Sales reps on an average spend around 70-80% of their time in lead qualification and the remaining 20-30% is spent on closing the leads. As we know that qualifying a lead requires advance level research followed by making numerous phone calls and drafting emails to convert a lead. It’s highly unlikely that robots could take up this task fully, but what if it helps to speed up this tiring process, all in a human-like manner? Yes, that’s what AI will do.

AI will save time for salespeople

As we know that automation is taking the world by a storm and is already replacing many routine business tasks/processes, which in a way will benefit salespeople. For instance, imagine an AI-powered sales tool that can automatically send out meeting invites and schedule meetings, so that you don’t have to do all these manually. This would free up a great deal of time for salespeople, which can be dedicated on other critical tasks such as drafting customized emails or conversing with prospective buyers in person. Long story short, AI would help salespeople focus on what they need to do the most, i.e. sell.

Ask any salesperson about his/her biggest hurdle. The answer certainly would be time prioritization. Instead of relying on the old-school practice of guessing whether it is the right time to reach out or keeping a tab of all the communication with multiple prospects, a sales rep could simply rely on AI to help determine the right time to reach out or decide the next best action.

Here comes the most exciting impact of AI on sales. As AI has the potential to churn out huge volumes of data. Soon, it will start providing smart suggestions based on the data analysed. For example, it can prompt a sale rep to follow up with a prospective lead after a phone call is made. Yes, an AI-powered CRM solution can analyse and machine learn customer data, emails, social, calendar, etc. before coming up with smarter recommendations and suggestions based on the goals you set. Here, smart sales reps can connect the dots to come up with next steps.

Machine Learning: A Quantum Leap towards a Smarter CRM

Human selling will never go obsolete!

As sales sits tight on emotions like empathy, trust and not to forget emotional intelligence, it is one of the biggest and strongest reasons that salespeople will never lose their jobs to AI or machines. Whilst AI’s ability to understand emotions and language will improve over time, it is highly unlikely that it will fully replace the human touch when it comes to building trust, which is the quintessential part of sales.


Though machines and technology have accomplished wonders, humans were and would continue to be the most complex beings evolved for over five million years. In other words, machines are still in their infancy stage and it shouldn’t bother salespeople who manage complex deals. This is one reason we are witnessing high demands for salespeople that can sell in a complex environment.

Long story cut short, AI-powered sales tools would help salespeople automate mundane tasks such as paperwork, cold calls and scheduling meetings saving them time and efforts.

Selling requires human connection and emotion, which is why it isn’t that easy to replace!

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Disclaimer: All the information, views and opinions expressed in this write-up are those of the authors and their respective sources (web) and in no way reflect the principles, views or objectives of Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd.


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