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Secrets to Increasing Customer Retention Unveiled!

Secrets to Increasing Customer Retention Unveiled!
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Customer Retention is the key to any business’s sustenance. Any business, vertical or Industry’s long term survival depends on their customers and how can they make their customers loyal and retain them for a long time. In Customer Retention, the process of providing a product or service, the act of finding, targeting and obtaining new customers is always going to be among its top priorities and these can be easily handled by a customer relationship management or CRM system easily.


Nevertheless, after customers make their first purchase successful many companies commit a grave error of not following-up with the customers. This is the reason why they fail to retain customers over the long-run. In most of cases, customers leave due to dissatisfaction with the services being provided, delayed resolutions to their concerns. 


Here some ways to increase customer retention:

and how can a CRM solution can help you do that:


Set up Customer Expectation: The very first step to successful customer retention is to set client expectations in your CRM system. Rest, the system automates on its own.


Build Trust Through relationship: Trust is essential in any business to build relationship with client. As a result, increase productivity and profit.


A Complaint is a Gift: Customers who complain are a type of gift, since they give you another opportunity to serve them. However, here the manner in which you respond gives another chance for customer retention. CRM software helps you keep a track of all such complaints and concerns of customers.


Email Marketing:

Post Purchase Email: After the first purchase, you can set the CRM system to automatically send out follow-up requests with welcome mails and some cross sell suggestions.

Birthday /Event mail: Email triggered by specific events, such as Customer Birthday, Company Anniversary etc.

Reminder Mails: If customer hasn’t made any contact for a specific period, CRM can be used to send reminder mails to them with new service information.

Scheduling Time with Customer: By doing this, it will help you to keep track of your appointments and important schedules.


Implement anticipatory service: Anticipatory service is a proactive approach to customer service. Instead of waiting for problems to occur, a company that implements anticipatory service can eliminate problems before they happen.


Make use of Automation: CRM software reduces time-consuming tasks of gathering and accessing customer information manually saving sales and marketing reps a great deal of time and efforts.


Tracks KPIs around customer service: A great way to improve customer retention is to improve customer service and for this, you require a CRM system.


Social CRM: Nowadays it is imperative for a business to have a social presence to know what their customers are talking about their brand. Social CRM helps you keep a track of all the things shared and talked about your business on popular social media platforms.


Implements Customer feedback surveys: Customer feedback surveys are valuable for learning how your services or products are faring among your customers and what exactly your customers’ expectations are.


This is how CRM software and a sound customer-support strategy when combined can help you in optimum customer retention and sales growth.


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