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Smart Businesses use Analytics, Successful ones Embed it!

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A business without embedded analytics is very much like a car minus a dashboard. You certainly would not want to drive a car that doesn’t show how fast you are heading or how much gas the fuel tank has. Similarly, a business running on traditional or archaic enterprise solutions ought to embrace novel and advanced solutions for intelligent analytics in order to figure out how the business is faring.

Standalone or legacy enterprise solutions often come with separate interfaces or dashboards thus, forcing the users to switch between multiple systems and dashboards to find the needed information. The spreadsheet is one such archaic enterprise resource planning tool that often requires its users to hop between multiple systems. So, is it time to move beyond spreadsheets? Maybe, yes!

Embedded analytics helps you get rid of all these hassles. Embedded analytics seamlessly integrates analytical data into enterprise applications. Users on the other hand get the required data and analytical tools to work in a more efficient manner.

Here are few ways embedded analytics can drive your business processes to the next big level:

  1. Ease-of-access for efficient data analytics

Users don’t have to log into separate systems for analytics to fetch the data needed for running analytics reports. Also, there is no need to appoint a business intelligence (BI) expert to offer insights into current business process performance. This is because embedded analytics embeds intelligence right inside the solution. Integration of BI platform with enterprise solution architecture enables the users to choose where the analytics should be embedded in the business process.

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  1. Powerful data integration for contextual decision-making

Embedding analytics into business operations can offer timely and accurate information to aid in sound decision-making. Since embedded analytics are robustly integrated into the existing enterprise solutions such as ERP software, financial systems, CRM solutions, etc. it supports contextual-decision making. It even allows executives to access critical enterprise data for supporting operational-specific decisions without depending on BI experts in order to make the information available. When you integrate analytics within enterprise applications, you enable yourself to quickly react to the changes in supply, demand, inventory, production, marketing, etc.

  1. Improves overall business operations

Yes, embedding analytics into key processes can yield great improvements in terms of organisational performance. In addition when merged with IT, embedded analytics can provide employees with the ability to take prompt actions basis of appropriate analysis. For instance, preventive maintenance tool can monitor an equipment for any potential issues based on the patterns and can trigger notifications or alerts before the equipment breaks down. Embedding analytics within core operational processes allows you to improve processes on a regular basis.

  1. Predictive analytics for sound operational decisions

Embedded analytics can yield optimum results when used for predictive analytics within multiple business operations. Yes, predictive analytics then turns the groundwork for improved operational decisions. A perfect example would be embedding recommendation or suggestion analytics into the system at the POS or Point of Sale. Recommendation analytics can offer coupons basis of what a customer buys or is checks online. Simply put, it can suggest other items that the customer would like to purchase.

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