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Social Selling: 3 Ways to Sell More Using Social Media

Social Media
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Generating quality and ample amount of leads to sustain the off-season has always been a difficult task and now add to the new growing competition today fueled by Social Media and the ease at which consumers can talk to other consumers about the product that they are using or the company that they recommend for certain product and services.

While traditional methods of generating leads are already dead, it has been observed that 90% of the cold calls goes into the bin and customer do not even remember of your calls/discussion. Only 10% called calls get converted in to a lead where customers may ask you for demo or meeting.

With rapidly changing times even push and pull methods of generating leads are changing. We are seeing the influence of Social Media even on sales. In fact, it is less taxing and the results can be tracked without much efforts.

Within the sphere of Social Media and Sales, we have an interesting concept called as Social Selling which is helping companies shorten their sales cycle.

What do we mean by Social Selling?

Since a lot of people and businesses are active on Social Media today, it is easy for the Sales person to connect with more number of prospects at the same time. Here, the sales people save time by directly getting in touch with the potential and answering their queries, clarifying doubts and assisting in purchase. This is a win-win method for both the prospect and the company since the lives of the common folk is not disturbed by cold calls or mails and the sales person too, can pitch to a lot of customers at one go in an economical way.

How Social Selling can help grow your business?

1.     More Relevant Audience: There are ‘n’ number of social networks available, but the benefit of such a huge network is that every social platforms caters to a different set of audience who are divided by their interest. This makes the job of the Sales person a lot easier as he not only has the audience of the right demographics, but also knows their interest and can use that to know their buying intent.

To begin with the Salesperson needs to create real profiles here with his / her actual picture and posting thoughts that matter to them. The reason being simply that Social Media provides easy access to people, hence, we see a lot of dummy accounts or company run accounts which are targeted towards getting the client contact details only. It is recommended to post blogs about the company or write thought articles to give authentication to the profile. Engagement is the key to interact with the potential customers and induce him towards purchase.

2.     Get instant notifications when prospects join LinkedIn: LinkedIn has an important feature –“saved search” where you can save searches by matching your criteria for e.g. Sales Head  with Social Media .This will help you get noticed each time new Signup profile is matching your criteria. Hence, you do not lose out on an opportunity to get in touch with your potentials.

 While sending them a contact request, personalize the message and if possible also state how you know the person or the reason why do you want to connect with him. This will help you get attention of the contact since they might be receiving a lot of contact requests with the same impersonal message.

3. Social CRM: It is not a hidden fact that sales personnel use CRM for managing their contacts and customer database, but the CRM that they use are already outdated. Upgrade yourself with a Social CRM to not only manage all your customer interactions but also know what they are talking about your product and company on Social sites. A Social CRM is a new age CRM which helps you modify your communication according based on the response of the potentials.

While there are undoubtedly a lot of ways that you can improve your marketing and sales campaigns for a successful Social Selling, it is important to have all the departments of the company on the same page and working with a unified vision. Reviewing and redrawing processes, finding data leaks and duplicity are small but important elements before the company ventures into Social platforms as in the end, it is excellent customer service that will win you customers.

To know more about Social Media or how can you streamline your processes better for growth and more revenue,  You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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