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How ERP for Retail Industry will Accelerate Growth?

How ERP for Retail Industry will Accelerate Growth?
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Today even in India, retail has quickly moved from a single store to a multiple chain outlets either company owned or on a franchise basis. These outlet are connected with each other and with the parent company via a common platform for distribution. In these B2C industries with heavy focus on the movement of goods through the warehouse and to the shops is very important at the end of every season.

Based on the season, ‘Drops’ are arranged and designed by the parent company to all their stores. During these times, it is very important for the company to not only manage and keep a record of all the inventory in a central repository, but also automate the business with a strong back office process to enhance the overall readiness to beat the competition.

Retail based industries are already very competitive in nature as they have a lot of competitors and with that high operating costs involving B2C marketing and strategies to keep customers loyal to the brand. In such a competitive world, the companies resort to using local or small software which might fulfill their requirements for the present but are soon they need to upgrade or find a new software. This is an added expense to the company. The company needs to forecast and think seriously about their ERP and CRM needs like their marketing needs.

Old Architecture:

Many old systems which are still being used in many retail outlets. Problem with these systems is that they are very rigid and cannot be integrated with any other modern applications. Also, many times, the company which had previously developed them might have been shut down. In these cases, it is very difficult for the company to integrate their system with any new technology. And they have to end up investing heavily in a new system.

For a retail company, it is very important to have a dynamic and scalable technology which can not only look after their requirements, but also have other systems or add-ons plugged in them and create a central repository.

Scope of the System:

Most systems, are designed to focus on one thing like warehouse, PO Management, POS. but what is required is all of them in one system or integrated to one major system so that the management can get a comprehensive overview of their sales and operations and take decisions accordingly. Sage ERP and CRM software for Retail Business make it possible for generating intelligent MIS reports for Business analysis and strategies. With an inbuilt BI and intelligent workflows, this part is handled effectively.


Old systems once start to be over used, are very difficult to maintain. They start to need more development. They then become a sunk cost for the company where it is neither productive nor efficient. While selecting a system, retailers must not forget the maintenance cost which can be very heavy on the pockets of the management.

Risks of integration:

There may be situations where all the functionalities required by the company is not in one system and they are using different software. Problem arises when one of them either has an upgrade or is replaced by a newer software. The new software may not be compatible to the others and hence, there is a huge risk again for the company to incur more costs.

Sage ERP and CRM Software for Retail Business in India has proven technologies to handle and run processes of a Retail Industry easily. With recent add-on developed for Apparel and Footwear Industries, Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd has specially modified and developed an entire suite fit for Retail Companies.

Keep posted for the second part where we will speak about features and functionalities of Sage Software for Retail Business in detail. Or, you could also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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