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Step up your game up, with Smart Integration

Smart integration
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Managing business can be a cumbersome process, which further keeps on getting complicated as the business grows. So is there any remedy to get rid of the hassles? As technology evolved, it came forth with smart business management tools such as ERP and CRM software solutions. These managing maestros can effectively enhance your business processes and customer services respectively, assisting for a seamless business growth. However, the efficiency of these software solutions has eventually attracted businesses of all statures to adapt it to their system, thus increasing the market rivalry. A lot of times, businesses may feel that a single system is not adequate to handle all of their processes and for some they may require some other software or module within the present one.

So is there any way to maintain a leading edge over your competitors?

Yes, a smart integration. Modern ERP and CRM solutions like Sage X3 and Sage CRM software services offer easy to use business modules that allows you to integrate 3rd party application tools and automate your process, thereby taking your business management to the next level. A well-planned and smart integration can multiply your efforts and make your business processes hassle-free. To aid you further, here are some integration ideas your business could adapt to:

  • Cloud: Cloud technology has been around for a while and has proved its essentiality when it comes to secure storage of all crucial data and provide mobility and data accessibility as when needed. Creating a hybrid system with Cloud is beneficial for on the go accessibility of data and real time knowledge of all the processes.
  • Internet of Things: IOT is the science of linking up physical devices with internet, integrating it with your business management software will ensure a reliable and well-tracked product delivery of your products. For an eCommerce company, insight of consumer data is very important. It is in fact observed that there will be a lot of jobs generated on data analytics and Big Data front. For a company which depends heavily on these insights, investment in an R&D facility of Big Data long with integration of all processes is recommended.
  • Big Data: Big data are immense amount of data that is collected over a period of time and is further used to analyze market trends and requirements helping you precise forecast and plan your productions better. As mentioned above, an investment in Big Data and Internet of things is what the company should focus on right now.
  • Social: Social CRM is an efficient way to connect with your customers and find better leads. Integrating you CRM with social sites can help you provide better customer service, know customer intent easily and build up a better online reputation. It will also help to plan your marketing strategies better and keep on refining them depending on the response.
  • AR: Pokémon Go has taken augmented reality to another level; however, if used smartly, AR can be handy to your business as well, as it may be used to display your upcoming infrastructure, interior designing etc. to your customers easily. Today, AR finds its use extensively in retail and eCommerce and giants like Lenskart, IKEA, D’décor, etc. are already using the same to show how their product will look in the environment around you. A smart integration with AR in your business is sure to give you the boost that you require over your competitors and set you a class apart.
  • Wearables: Wearable technology such as google glasses, smart watches or eye lenses etc. can ensure a smoother mobility and remote accessibility to all business functions any time of the day. Today Millennials do not prefer to sit on their desks and work. They are more risk taking and want to be where the business is happening. The same goes for the millennial consumer. Hence, integrating Wearables to provide hassle free access to data is well recommended.
  • Recognition: Finger print reading, facial recognition allow authorized data accessibility and data security. It also sets you as an intelligent company which understands technology and how to use it right. Facial recognition can be extended to retail also where the details of the consumer, his past buying behavior, pattern and preference are already recorded and helps you serve the client better.


  • Autoresponders: With business pacing up and down every day, every second counts, and the same can be achieved by integrating autoresponders with your systems. They help you get in touch with your consumer fast and solve his query. These are sign of a good consumer relation practice and will sure not be gone unnoticed by the consumer.


Thus, to conclude with, Sage Software Solutions can provide you with an efficient business management solution and easy integration to all your essential tools to give you a lead in the cutthroat market while keeping your process in top-notch in condition. To know more about how you can enhance your business processes, contact us here. You can also SMS Sage to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultations.

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