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Streamline your E-commerce Business with Sage CRM

Streamline your E-commerce Business with Sage CRM
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E-commerce has been on top of the charts in providing a platform for start-ups as well as big players with its reach and value-for-price selling space. It grants the user the ability to reach to his customers across the world, with ease of sitting at a place. Hence, more people are favoring Ecommerce to begin their business venture.

Online selling portal is an easy way to build loyal customers and grow a Start-up, but for the companies that provide these selling portals, have to deal with the complexity of the business. They are responsible for marketing the products that the seller uploads, shipping them, and also getting customer feedback, for faulty products and fraudulent sellers as well as for any flaws in the service.

Furthermore, in E-commerce, it is all about the Views & Reviews, the buyer can’t actually see or feel the product and thus, the view (how the company exhibits the product) and the reviews (experience of other buyers) are the deciding points for any sale. And it can just get better with a better Customer Relationship Management.

Sage CRM, a globally used and appreciated CRM software, can prove to be of great help when it comes to manage all these functions with ease by:

  • Efficient Marketing: Plan, Manage and Schedule all your marketing campaign at one place, as well as keep a track on effectivity of your marketing strategy. what more, it help you automate your Email as well as SMS based marketing
  • Social Media: For a place wherein the people have found a love for social media, marketing the products on social media can get bring in a substantial amount of traffic. And with that being the case, Sage CRM can help you manage and maintain all your Social Media Campaigns all at one place.
  • Customer feedback: This forms a major base for all the e-commerce business. The success of any online store depends upon how well you take care of your customers, as also feedbacks can help you grow exponentially. And thus, with Sage CRM, Manage contact details and stay connected via, Emails, Social media, etc.

Boost up your CRM with Sage CRM, as a strong Customer Relationship management can build up valuable trust for your Ecommerce business, attracting more sellers and buyers to take it to new heights.

To learn more about Sage CRM and its implementation contact us here, SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to us at

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