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Top 5 sure-fire tips to keep ERP implementation on-track.

Top 5 sure-fire tips to keep ERP implementation on-track.
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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is sure to set off mixed feelings especially amidst a company’s IT department. Whilst business owners may seem enthusiastic about increased productivity, streamlined business operations and boost in revenue that ERP can bring for them, but the benefits also accompany apprehension about potential challenges or pitfalls encountered during ERP implementation that can deter the success of system.

Thus, understanding the core benefits of a robust ERP system requires identifying the potential roadblocks encountered during implementation and ways to tackle them. Here are a few sure-fire tips to keep your ERP implementation on-track.

Defining scope is the crux:

Start by meticulously defining the scope of your ERP project. Here, it is advisable to keep specific business operations as well as system requisites as the focal point. This is because the more specific a business gets with the requirements and expectations pertaining the ERP system, the easier it would be for vendors to come up with a sound ERP plan and rollout strategy. Simply put, defining and outlining the benefits of system is the key to keeping your ERP implementation on-track.

Rope in the entire management crew

An ERP implementation is deemed to crash without roping in the support of C-level and uppermost management crew. This is the reason why it counts to involve managers and executives right from the start and not only for approving the project. These people are the ones, who decide the functionalities required and to determine whether the system matches the needs of business. Most importantly, managers ought to stick around all through the implementation in order to supervise the progress of implementation and identify potential glitches that might pop up during the rollout phase.

Think Long-term and choose wisely

Make sure to pick an ERP software that befits specific needs of your business and the industry your business operates in. Choosing an ERP solution that entails functionalities to address industry specific needs and is statutory compliance shuns the need for having expensive modifications later. In addition, make sure to choose a scalable solution that scales with your business.

Prep and drive your employees through the change

For success in company-wide ERP implementation, it is imperative to involve all the employees right from the early stages. Though people might resist the change initially and prefer to stay in the comfort zone of using legacy systems, involving them from the start is sure to help break the bad. Explaining the need for having the new system, benefits it would offer and how it would streamline critical processes to the employees paves way for a wholehearted embracement of the system thus, leading to seamless company-wide implementation. Further, it is advisable to take into account the training for end-users and all the stakeholders to use the system efficiently before implementation. Unless your employees understand the essence of ERP and ways to use it efficiently, smooth implementation is a distant dream.

Test-drive the system

Ensure to set aside sufficient time and resources to take the chosen system on a test ride to get a taste of how it can simplify as well as streamline critical and complex to handle business processes for you in a prolific manner. Here, it is advisable to check for agility that the system can harness to your business.

The big switch to a new ERP rollout may take a bit long and delays are bound to occur. Thus, bringing in an expert ERP consultant for helping to choose and implement the system for you is a smart move. The consultant will perform a comprehensive assessment of your business, challenges faced in critical business operations with legacy systems, etc. before suggesting an ERP solution that fits your budget and business preferences.

If you are starting afresh or stuck midway in your ERP journey or for any other information pertaining to ERP solutions for mid-sized businesses and start-ups, feel free to get in touch with us at or SMS SAGE to 56767

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