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Surviving Enterprise Cloud Migration Successfully

Surviving Enterprise Cloud Migration Successfully
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Businesses are bound to experience hurdles when it comes to administration, cost and experiencing the race to adopting cloud computing solutions and their various benefits. These solutions ought to align with the organisation’s needs and objectives. On the other hand, the technical intricacies, administration and workflows call for more robust enterprise solutions.

Keeping these entrepreneurial concerns in mind, Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd developed ideal enterprise cloud solutions for small, mid and large -scale enterprises. We offer our clients with cloud computing architects, deployment experts, technical support crew and reporting tools to help with seamless software implementation and adoption. Sage Software assists to address the biggest hurdles businesses face around cloud.

Cloud proficiency remains the biggest pain-point for enterprises all over. In fact, cloud computing is still a naïve concept for several enterprises and new advancements in the cloud landscape makes it difficult for businesses to keep up.

Full-fledge Enterprise Cloud Solution

Whilst most of the cloud vendors abide by the basic functionalities only, Sage Software aims to go that extra mile. For instance, Sage CRM offers and provides adoption to several third-party add-ons including email and website integration.

Our implementation experts and consultants provide in-depth consultation for information rights management, data security and data loss protection.

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Adoption and Administration

Administration for cloud-based solutions is a big problem for enterprises. One of the frequently asked questions that our consultants and cloud experts get from clients is: ‘how do we avoid security threats during the implementation of an enterprise solution?’

Our enterprise cloud experts take care of the administration on behalf of our clients thus, addressing this core issue. Working in tandem, we can take up corrective measures as required to address problems of security risks, spams, etc.


Next comes the issue of cost optimisation, a great concern for several businesses especially startups, small and mid –sized businesses. Being SaaS based, our enterprise solutions are quick to implement, cost-effective, scalable and easy to use. So you see! Adoption is never a problem with Sage Software. Businesses enjoy optimum transparency into patterns for improved budget predictability. Necessary communication and training are offered by Sage Software to improve the adoption rate.


Moving your business operations to cloud and failing to reap its real benefits is a huge turn-off. Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. brings in decades of experience in the world of enterprise cloud solutions with a proven and successful track record of successful migration to cloud for a number of businesses.


If you are starting your journey to cloud afresh or are looking out for any assistance for migrating to cloud, feel free to reach us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at sales@sagesoftware, for a free demo and consultation.

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