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The 5 Pillars of CRM Data Quality

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CRM, when it comes to the Business world makes people believe and focus more on Data Quality. But while referring to data quality, what they are actually talking about is data integrity or more specifically, data accuracy. But is Data Quality just about Data Integrity? CRM Data Quality should mainly be about how valuable information you are able to capture in CRM as well as how well are you able to track that information in CRM.

If the Users are going through the trouble of entering data in the first place, then it is necessary to make sure that it is a high value data. Entering Bad data is a result of Bad analysis which eventually leads to bad process because users won’t have a perfect picture of what work is been achieved and what more needs to be done.

In addition to this, bad data can also destroy the user’s confidence in CRM’s data. Thereby, making them shift to spreadsheets, notes or other decentralized systems which will lead to the failure of CRM implementation.

But data integrity isn’t the entire picture. All the data integrity in the world won’t help you if your information isn’t actionable. So, in order to ensure your CRM data quality is the best it can be, we recommend you follow these five guidelines:

1. Accuracy – Is the CRM data both correct and precise? It has to be, or your team will have no reason to trust it. And once the trust is gone, all the information in CRM falls under suspect and you may not be able to convince your team to use the system again even if the improvements are made later on.

In order to ensure the information is accurate, it is important to create processes that will help in verifying the data before it is entered in CRM right at the start. This will help in avoiding the scenarios of database full of inaccuracies.

2. Completeness – Before proceeding for capturing data in CRM, ask yourself whether you have all information that you need for the records? Incomplete data isn’t a shocking thing when it comes to prospecting but keeping incomplete data in system unattended is a huge problem.

Sharing a small example of the impact that your business can have due to incomplete data; assume 20% of your customer database doesn’t has or has the invalid mailing addresses. That’s not a huge problem at first, but the problem arises when your organization routinely mail letters or brochures to the entire list of contacts and to make it worse, these mailings are automated thereby making your organization invest in printing and paying postage for thousands of pages that simply couldn’t be delivered.

3. Uniqueness – Is your CRM full of duplicate data?

Your CRM needs to have processes that would help in avoiding the duplicate data in first place. Apart from this, processes that will help in combining or deleting duplicate records will help in handling worst case scenarios by avoiding it to be extremely difficult for users to find the information they need. Moreover, continuing the bad processes for too long may lead to invest in another big project where the users may have to just consolidate and clear out duplicate records.

4. Timeliness – Is your information up to date?

It is very important to perform a timely check in order to verify the outdated information of the CRM database. Regularly organizing and cleaning your CRM data to ensure its accuracy, uniqueness and timeliness will be termed profitable for your Users to handle the Customer management more effectively.After all, if you can’t do anything with the information you’re tracking, then what’s the point of tracking it in the first place?

5. Security – Is your Information secure?

CRM security is about ensuring Users having the right access and privileges within your database to access the right information. The basic general rule to be followed is that each user must have the access of the information they need to do their jobs and nothing more than that; that could impact the data security.

Too many accesses and too many privileges to too many users can create a free for all database that can make it difficult to manage the data security and tracking the data updation possibilities.

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