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The Synergy between CRM Deployment and Process Improvements

The Synergy between CRM Deployment and Process Improvements
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For the success of a CRM strategy and software implemented in a company, the processes that engage with customers are crucial. While implementing CRM, one should think of how marketing, sales and customer support works and how these processes will enhance its working.  It should be remembered that irrespective of the CRM tool implemented, one should know that they are dealing with deployment and automation of client facing business processes. Mutating the CRM implementation that includes business process reengineering will result in an efficient system with an amplified ROI. Business Process engineering infused with CRM deployment includes the below mentioned steps.

CRM Deployment and Process Improvements:

  • Classifying the present CRM process:

This includes classifying whether the work is with respect to client facing sales action, envisaging sales prospects, initiating campaign or addressing a customer concern where each of them can be taken as workflow, which has the scope of improvement.  While the ‘job to be done’ and the attempt behind that may be the start of the process, the output or automation is the end of it. Process implementation within the CRM results in increase in productivity and has a positive impact on delivery.

  • Analysis of the CRM process:

Post identifying the crucial processes, chalk out how to execute the job and what are the steps in order to be followed. Weed out the steps that don’t add value to the job. Next, prepare for crisis management as to what has to be done in certain exceptional cases and who is responsible for those actions. A diagram encompassing the above mentioned pointers will give a whole picture.

  • Designing of the Required Processes:

Based on steps 1 and 2, one must brainstorm to get the best solutions so as to design a process that can be injected with the CRM process so that optimal solution is derived.  This step involves business consultants implementing a Socratic way that includes many queries and what if scenarios to get a better and a bigger picture. The result is an effective process that can be mapped during the CRM deployment.

  • The Implementation Phase:

Roll out the beta plan and test the new process for pain points and fix the same. It takes many cycles to reach the final version that will be effective and prove beneficial for the company. It is vital to have users involved from the design stage of the CRM implementation till CRM Deployment as their feedback on how things are working and how it should work, will make the processes and implementation effective.

Thus, the implementation of CRM with your business process can result in enhanced output and the above-mentioned steps can help you go through the implementation process painlessly. To know more about effortless CRM deployment with SAGE CRM, Contact us here, you can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or also drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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