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The Ultimate End of the Year IT Checklist for Entrepreneurs

The Ultimate End of the Year IT Checklist for Entrepreneurs
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It’s that time of the year again. Yes, it’s almost a wrap for 2018, as we are inches away from stepping into 2019. Every one of us is busy forming resolutions whilst preparing our best to welcome new set of challenges in the impending year. For entrepreneurs and business leaders, it is all about bridging the void space and staying ahead of the curve. Since technology and digital are the epicentre of every business today, IT continues to play a pivotal role.

With 2018 coming to a halt, it is certainly the best time of the year to evaluate and review your IT as a whole. It is not about security and backups only, but also about setting realistic goals for the upcoming year. Therefore, you ought to pour in adequate resources and time to avoid regretting later.

  1. Review your IT technology

First and foremost, it is advisable to review your existing IT technology. Figure out whether you are shelling out unnecessarily for platforms or systems that you are not using anymore. Check whether specific enterprise applications are overlapping. How frequent are your employees using those systems? Consider discarding any such technology or systems and arm your business with the right tech tool in 2018.

Is your Business Armed with the Right Tech to Survive in 2017 and Beyond?


  1. Evaluate your disaster recovery options

Is there a documented disaster recovery strategy in place? Are your employees aware of all the steps and procedures to follow in the event of a disaster? Is your business ready for a possible tech apocalypse? In case, you don’t have any such plan in place, now is the best time to devise one.

  1. Test run your backups

Ensure that all your backups are up and running properly. Irrespective of whether you are using some on-premise enterprise technology tool or a cloud-based system, it is advisable to test run backups to make sure that all your critical and sensitive data as well as files are backed up safely.

  1. Review network security

Cybersecurity is something that no business can overlook today. Malware, ransomware and what not! Today’s cybersecurity breaches and viruses can throw a business off the track in a matter of minutes. This calls for robust security protocols and infra at multiple levels. Is your IT security system up-to-date? Is your IT crew monitoring the various network and cybersecurity threats? Do you require a security audit?

  1. Check your IT inventory

Is there an up-to-date IT inventory of all your tech assets? Do you plan and cost-analyse your software/hardware purchases and upgrades? Did you get any new enterprise tool over the past year? Are your employees using it regularly?


Make a list of IT objectives and goals that would assist your business climb higher in 2019 and beyond. Do you require new hardware or software applications? Do you require more security? Do you need instant access to your data? Do you want to move to cloud?

Having such a list handy will help you attain those goals in 2019!


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