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Things that a business can learn from a millennial

millennial business
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Millennials are unique from other generations in many different ways, whether it is their way of working or attitude towards life. This generation is grown up with devices in their hands, so they are good in multitasking technology and in a more innovative ways. Millennials are used to working in teams and work well with diverse coworkers. They have a can-do attitude about their work and are always ready for feedback about how they are doing daily. Millennials do not like to be stuck with one task, they want different types of tasks and expect that they will attain expertise in every one of them. Positive and confident, millennial are ready to take on the world. Millennials seek leadership from their older and managerial coworkers, but expect that you will draw out and respect their creative ideas.

While we have spoken a lot about how can an organization adapt its environment to the millennial way of working, the business can go a step further and actually learn a great deal from the Millennials and learn positive points from them and bring about changes in their business model.

To embrace technology

This is no longer a fact that baby boomers are still clinging, copying data by hand from one to another excel sheet. Millennials are pretty much born with a cell phone in their hand, like a fish to water. Millennials are more excited to embrace wearable technology or augmented reality for business purpose. In fact, this generation has started innovating and forcing technological evolution like digital watches to stay updated every second on the go, Wearable bands to keep track of health, micro sensors, bio-chips, etc. Gen Y is pretty much in to technology and social media so they actually know what the next big development in technology will be. Hence, the same way, organizations need to not only adopt new technologies but invest in them because these technological advancements are not going to stop.

To collaborate and succeed together

The one quality that makes the millennial completely different is their ability and energy to collaborate and work in team. Millennials want to feel a sense of fellowship at workplace and to share different experience. This young team is moving towards a collaborative environment moreover they believe that it will not only brighten the workplace but also remove the barriers that will provoke them to work more in a team. This is an interesting concept where even the lowest member of the rung is an integral part of the team. There are good number of companies who follow Open – cultures like No Door policy, No Desk Policy, etc. This will help the employees feel as if they are like an integral part of the organization and will respect the work, people and the organization more. It is important to not stick to the age old rigid structures and in fact build up something which will bring everyone closer.

A big no for traditional environment

An employee spends a good amount of time in office and he wouldn’t just want to be sitting in one place and spending the day. We all have been in scenarios where we have feared that spending more time during lunch or leaving even 15 minutes early will bring the rage of supervisors and sarcasm of our colleagues. But today, millennial employees feel that these traditional expectations are no longer a conducive in creating a creative and innovative work environment. Rather they prefer to work from home and visit office one day a week, or work on site, prefer working travelling and more than that, not spending a lot of time in front of the screen and having creative breaks like Nap break, thinking break. Millennials are breaking stereotypes and expecting the same from their employers. Adapting Cloud technology, wearable technology, Smart CRM, Social CRM are some of the ways that a company can be comfortable in offering a creative conducive environment to the young brigade.

Millennials grew up learning things by themselves by figure outing things on internet on their own. They are impatient but always ready for new challenges and have creative perspective to handle it. Emergence of social media such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. has witnessed the limitless potential of the millennial’s’ creativity, which has also influenced many more to grow, express and share their thoughts, unique ideas and innovations with the world. Hence, the company should not shy away from taking risks and projects which may seem a bit too adventurous. What companies need to understand is that if their workforce is a millennial workforce, their customers too are millennial’s today. And to reach them, they need to give up their traditional ways and implement newer ways. A company hence, needs to be open to ideas and ready to invest if they want to sustain in this growing competition.

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