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Things you did not know your Warehouse Management ERP could do

ERP Warehouse Management
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If you are still stuck on using the older ways of managing warehouse, you are surely missing out on profitability and growth that a Cloud based ERP software can offer you. We have moved over the time that software needed to be installed in someone’s computer and you needed a special task force just to see that nothing goes wrong with the computers and everything is running smoothly. Today, we are seeing more and more companies readily adopting to Cloud for managing their warehouse and it is truly no surprise. It is cost effective and requires lesser operational costs. But here are few things that you can do with your warehouse management software which you might not know before.

Things you did not know your Warehouse Management ERP could do:

  1. Big Data – Being on Cloud also means that there is no limit on the data that is being captured every moment. This voluminous data will be helpful for an eCommerce company to efficiently plan their supply chain and also detect micro regions from where the demand / delivery is high. This can also help the companies to stock up and plan their marketing campaigns according to the coming seasonality and rise in demand.
  2. Efficiently planning routes – Warehouse management and supply chain go hand in hand. When there is a lot of data regarding where most deliveries / pickups / timing / drivers, the company can look to be more cost efficient by planning efficient delivery / transport routes. Investment decision related to establishing a warehouse to create another hub can be based on the data collected.
  3. Internet of Things – There is not a doubt that today everything can be easily connected to the internet. This is a boon for warehouse departments as it makes the task of sorting, storing, locating and delivering automated and easier. All the data can be seen through a Smart ERP system which can provide data to the managers on a real time basis.
  4. No backup unrest – Wherever there is a volume of data created, the problem of backups rise. There needs to be some form of physical storage in on premise implementations. But with Cloud ERP Software, there is no need to worry about backup. In fact, backups can be scheduled and the users be notified beforehand so that they do not touch any data.
  5. Module Selection – When there is an on – premise ERP Solution, it is most likely that there will be many other modules present which the company may or may not want but it is there since it comes in the package and hence, the cost may increase of the overall software and implementation. But with a Cloud Warehouse management software, it is easy for the company to choose between modules and pay for only what they use, hence, decreasing the overall project cost.
  1. Supply Chain Visibility – A cloud warehouse software gives the company a visibility on their supply chain and keeps the admin updated when and which warehouse will receive products from which vendors. All this is done to ensure that there is availability whenever there is a demand from the customer.
  2. Financial Reports – Reporting on finances and taxes is important for any company to plan for future and set aside funds for growth and expansion. A Cloud like on – premise ERP software can give the company reports in comprehensible format whenever required but with Cloud platform, the company has the benefit to generate reports on the go.
  3. Surplus Inventory – There will be times whenever there is a surplus of inventory due to over-stocking or less demand. Sometimes companies stock up expecting a rise in demand but when the supply exceeds the demand, it can cause a problem for the company. A Cloud warehouse management can help you establish a trend and stock according to those trends. Also, it will be helpful for the marketing team to plan their de-marketing strategies to spread the demand over time to recover losses.


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