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Top 5 features of CRM that people love the most

Top 5 features of CRM that people love the most
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CRM undoubtedly is the core weapon in the arsenal of brand building. It has a great impact on companies when it comes to streamlining, providing data on a real time basis and ability to support from anywhere and any device. However, many companies do not realize the full benefit of CRM and fail to make the most out of it, whereas there are many companies that are late adopter of CRM. In fact, it’s high time that we stop perceiving CRM solution as a tool for completing day-to-day tasks or assisting in sales only, as it has a lot more than that.

CRM software is a smart enterprise application which when put to use properly, not only helps salespeople, but also assists marketing, finance and services department. Here are top five features of CRM that are loved by the users across the world:

Top 5 features of CRM:

  1. Mobile access

Access to high-speed Internet from our palms is no more a distant dream, all thanks to smartphone devices and high-speed Internet connectivity. Today’s connected workforce craves for instant access to business data on the go. Thus, providing them with mobile access to key business data on the run has become a compulsion to help them make decisions on the fly. Mobile CRM offers salespeople with the much-needed flexibility. Yes, mobile CRM solutions enable quick access to inventory, customer data, and all other required information on the go to help close more deals.

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  1. Contacts management

Relationship management is all about how you deal with your customers. Sales reps deal and interact with a wide range and number of customers, prospects and leads on a daily basis. Managing and tracking this data manually is cumbersome as well as time-consuming. Having a CRM software in place here would bifurcate this data for your sales reps saving them time and efforts, which they can dedicate in what they ought to do, selling.

  1. Curbs data entry

Though data entry is an important aspect for any company when it comes to customer relationship management, it simply results in waste of time. The time wasted in tedious data entry and admin tasks could be well utilized for prospecting the clients. CRM solution minimizes data entry chaos for your sales people thus, eliminating data entry and duplication problems.

  1. Business integration

There is no point in using a CRM system that fails to integrate with other enterprise technology solutions that your company might be using. Yes, the best CRM software is the one, which supports integration with other business process solutions like ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. So you see CRM solution not only benefits its users, but the company as a whole by integrating with other key business applications improving efficiency across all departments and processes.

  1. User security

User security is the major aspect in choosing a CRM. A good CRM facilitates strict permission settings and allows only limited access to the information depending upon the role of a user. More power to you when it comes to allowing access to the system and its data. On the other hand, a cloud based CRM system takes regular backups of all the key data.

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