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Top 5 Ways to Maintain Business Productivity while Working from Home

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Gone are the days when employees couldn’t do much outside their offices. With the introduction of ERP and CRM platforms and exponential improvement in digital connectivity, working from home is no longer a dream. This article focuses on the 5 most important business productivity tips that will help employees get the most out of them while working from home.

1. Share a comprehensive time table

It’s imperative to let your co-workers know about your working schedule. You should explicitly state when you will be available for a virtual conference and when not. Also, provide them your contact information including your phone number, official email address, and preferred messaging app so that they can reach you out for any last-minute escalations. Keep them informed about your travel plans and notify them at times of emergencies.

2. Simulate an office work environment

While not going to the office saves you travel time, it has its own set of challenges; a barrage of notifications, network latency issues, child-rearing and many more. To save yourself from constant distractions, you can search for work-friendly spaces. Renting a conference room or a dormitory for a few hours can be one such solution.

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3. Switch off non-essential notifications

We are surrounded by electronic gadgets and software that have made the world a marketer’s paradise. This is because marketers have hundreds of avenues to advertise products and they do it without fail. Hence it is necessary to keep away from non-work-related notifications and answer only the most relevant and urgent messages. A good way to start is by setting temporary email filters.

4. Make use of Cloud-based technology

While you are remote working from your home, it’s imperative to seamlessly sync data between your laptop, mobile phones, tablets, etc. This helps to toggle from one medium to another so that you don’t have to entirely depend on any one of them. Cloud systems help facilitate this. They securely store your data and let you access and edit it from multiple devices.

5. Use your time wisely

A general tip to improve your business productivity is to use your time wisely. This means that you should finish low energy tasks such as answering non-urgent emails during passive periods in your schedule like waiting in long queues, extended taxi rides, etc.


Work-from-home offers comfort but distractions too. In the wake of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, when everybody is working from home, this has become all the more challenging. At Sage, we are home to an industry-leading ERP platform that helps you replicate your office setting at your home. To know more about it, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to us at


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