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Top Benefits of CRM Solution with Email Integration

CRM Solution
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The fact that Email has great importance in today’s fast growing business world is undeniable. Emailing is the most preferred and effective means of communication in almost every organization. Alike email, which has become the most accomplished source of communication, CRM Solution too has proved to be the most efficient tool in managing Customer data and maintaining customer relationship.

A Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) not only helps to gather customer information through various mediums, but also provides additional benefits. One such prominent feature of CRM is that it supports excellent Email integration.

Email and CRM solution are much like Sales and Marketing teams. Each one has a defined role in its respective department. They may reach and connect with the same group of people in different ways and at different times, but are very effective when integrated. Sage CRM is one such customer relationship management tool, which offers amazing benefits. Here is a rundown on some of the prominent benefits of integrating email with Sage CRM.

  1. Holistic View: Integrating CRM solution with Email client eases the efforts of salespersons by eliminating the need of switching between Email accounts & CRM system in order to respond to a client’s email and getting an overview of the Customer’s information at the same. Sage CRM with email integration helps to get all the relevant information on a unified window thereby allowing you to nurture leads more effectively. CRM helps in finding all the email threads against the respective lead or opportunity and also allows you to easily check the stage of each Lead.


  1. Increased Responsiveness: Integrating CRM Solution with email helps in reducing the response time to a substantial level, which ultimately helps in improving customer satisfaction. Addressing customer queries/enquiries instantly with the help of all customer related information consolidated at one place helps greatly in winning the deal.


  1. Stay up-to-date with important stuffs: Email Integrated CRM Solution helps in synchronizing all the Contacts, Appointments, Emails etc. This helps in staying updated with the latest information of the customer such as Contacts, helps in finalizing the meeting planner with the help of appointments scheduler. Helps in responding to customer emails without having to switch between multiple applications to get the required customer information and then referencing to email in another system.


  1. Seamless workflows: CRM workflows that help in automating the process flow can also be used to trigger automated emails with just a few clicks. A CRM software integrated with your marketing automation system can gain a profitable revenue by creating campaigns based on important factors within CRM. For example, if you capture contract expiration dates, you can execute a campaign based on that data.


To know more about how integrating your email client server with Sage CRM Solution can work wonders for you in terms of improved sales and productivity within your sales/marketing department, click here. You can also drop a mail to us at

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