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Top Performing Sales Enablement Platform

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Sales team is an integral part of any business and sales enablement platform helps employees perform better. If they are not well equipped with whatever they need to close the sales, it can cause a huge hurdle in business growth. Sage CRM offers real-time visibility of your tasks and activities, creates reports and identifies opportunities through an interactive dashboard.

Sage CRM increases the productivity level of sales team by 40%.

Sage Software Solutions, through its power-packed CRM solution offers a key growth factor to SMEs and larger organizations and boost their revenues. Thousands of customers rely on our solution to make more informed decisions, choose profitable opportunities and close the sales faster.

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Let’s take a look at Sage CRM features to enhance the sales productivity.

Business Accelerators: Sales managers can increase their productivity and cut down the conversion time with this feature. It allows sales executives save time by generating quotations and orders quickly. Also, Sales Metrics and Sales KPIs helps analyze company’s progress and evaluate individual performance. Management Dashboards offers complete data transparency.

Opportunity Management: Quick Sale Workflow ensures error free capture to conversion tracking, assigning the most eligible representatives to handle important opportunities and close the deals faster.

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Territory Management: This feature lets you select specific geographic region for your campaigns. Based on which, create teams, assigns leads, and analyze the campaign response rate and revenues associated with them. This feature allows sales teams gain deeper insights into territory-wise campaign performance.

Interactive Dashboards: Pre-installed Sales Dashboards allows you to manage the calls, calendar tasks, and appointments to monitor and address sales opportunities and manage your key accounts.

Quotes & Orders: Using the business data stored in the software, sales representatives can easily get their hands on the automatically generated quotes and orders. Also, pre-designed templates allow sales representatives create spectacular sales proposals that are difficult to be turned down.

Forecasting: Monitor the existing sales performance and based on that, monitor the future predictions. Expected revenues, opportunity closure time, pre-requisites, market demand, etc. can easily be knocked down with this feature by Sage CRM to help you stay prepared for the competition.

Reporting: Sage CRM offers intuitive reporting tools to create comprehensive reports and the real-time data allows you a complete access to the Sales Funnel to view/ manage sales opportunities.

If your sales team is unaware of the most reliable opportunities, they will keep focusing on leads that may not even be viable to pursue. This will result in loss of time and energy, which can surely hamper your revenues to a greater extent. Losses incurred usually are difficult to recover since they involve additional efforts and workforce, which calls for additional investment.

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Sage CRM is a power-packed customer relationship management application that enhances the productivity of your sales team and adds a few extra numbers to your sales figures. Achieving targets is simplified with our customer relationship management tool specially designed for SMEs from multiple domains.

To know how Sage Software can provide you customized CRM solutions to elevate your sales, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to us at for a FREE demo or CRM consultation.

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