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Top 5 Signs that you need to redevelop your ERP system

ERP System to redevelop
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This is a fast changing world. With newer technologies and concepts constantly replacing the older ones, it has become a challenge for entrepreneurs and industrialists to keep up. With each day passing, there are newer Apps built, newer codes written to make business and customer experience easy and better. With passing time, hence, it has become essential for companies to keep revisiting their business objective and goals and also their business model.

What most businesses least focus on during these times is the need for upgrading their business software to deal with the coming changes in the industry as a whole. During such times when the need for a change is realized, the first instinct is to get a patch done to the software to make it going for some more time. This is not only an expensive, but also a time consuming method since, even that patch will outgrow its use very soon and the company will be standing from where it had started.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is used to program commercial processes throughout your company. With this business software, you can analyze sales, marketing, customer service, order processing, manufacturing, and inventory management, among others. As the company grows, so does the need for a better ERP software which can help in the growth story.


Here are the 5 Signs that we need to change or redevelop your ERP Software:


  1. Response Time:


In today’s competitive business environment, you need to up to date and business decisions needs to be quick but if your ERP is not enough capable to give you the data to keep you ahead, it is time enough to change / upgrade your ERP. From customer service’s point of view, if they are not able to solve the customer’s queries in an instant manner, they have lost the customer’s faith in the brand.

A customer’s interest today is only 3 seconds and if the company is unable to get back to them in this time, they have lost the customer. Apart from response time, customer’s want the company to know their details beforehand. This saves a lot of time from the customer’s end to give details about themselves and come straight to resolving their point. What we are seeing here is the creation of a lot of data. Wherever there is data, there arises a problem of sorting, categorizing and fetching it when required.  Especially for a B2C company, it becomes important to fetch the data when required. Here, there is a need to upgrade change your ERP, so that you can have more features and can help your business to improve the quality and productivity.


A smart ERP software will be able to:

  • Fetch data fast and increase your response time so that you can provide better customer service.
  • Complete more sales calls with more data.
  • Get data and trend of previous years so that you can design marketing campaign according to it.


  1. Deficiency of simplicity:


An ERP software is put in place to get actionable data. Raw data is collected by the system and is converted into readable data by the ERP. A smart ERP software over here, is capable of collecting data from all integrated sources on its own and giving the user data that is suited for him. Even though, these complex functions are happening at the backend of the software, we would want to see a simple front end with lesser navigation and self – explanatory blanks.

It is due to complex navigation that the users may find it difficult to adapt to the CMR easily and take more time to train and understand the system. Mostly after multiple integrations, with multiple software the solution can cease to be simple and the user may face issues in finding and feeding even simplest data. In this situation, the company needs to invest in a scalable ERP solution which will be easy to navigate even if there are integrations done.


  1. Paperwork:


Going paperless is one of the biggest advantage of implementing a smart ERP Software. Not only you save a lot of wastage but also time and money. You do not need to invest more in sorting and finding data. The smart ERP software stores all the data on Cloud servers. They are not only secure but also easily accessible from anywhere and any device. User assigning module helps in assigning user rights to the data and hence, a user can access only that data that he has been assigned to. The management can also view clearly if there has been any modification made to the data and of yes, then by whom.

If your current ERP does not give you the full benefit of going paperless and if you still need to maintain / do manual paper work, it is time that you change your ERP software. Today, tasks like invoicing can be automated and notification be sent to the customer for timely payments.



  1. Requires lots of Integration and customization:


One of the serious crimes while purchasing an ERP is to not evaluate what are the requirements of the company. This leads to the company purchasing an inefficient ERP software and ending up in customizing it to suit their business. In another situation, to avoid huge investments also, companies may opt for lower ERP software and have them customized to suit their problems.

The problem in both the situation is the same – Customization. Over customization leads to several problems like – Back Sliding, Sustained Go – Live, complex upgrades and vendor monopoly. Hence, if you are experiencing this problem, the best way is to invest in a smart, scalable and robust ERP software which will act like a catalyst for your growth story.


  1. Time Wastage:


If you are spending a lot of time processing data, it is time that you change your ERP software. Getting data in real time is important for all industries and especially for customer Services Company who constantly are under the scanner and a little mistake can tip off all the hard work put in. Time becomes a crucial factor in companies like manufacturing and pharma who have to track their inventory constantly at the buyer’s side and the vendor’s side. If the ERP Software is not on mark, and in fact time consuming, it is time to change your system.

To know more about how a smart ERP software help can you boost your business, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd at for a free consultation.


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