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Unique Ways to Increase Customer Retention

Unique Ways to Increase Customer Retention
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For any business, that provides a product or service to the customers, the process of finding, targeting and obtaining a potential prospect and converting them to a loyal customer is always going to be among the company’s top priorities.

However, once they successfully convert from a prospect to customer, the biggest mistake many companies fall prey to is skipping product development and follow up procedure. In most of cases, the customer leaves due to inability of the company to provide customer satisfaction for the service, delayed troubleshooting & support which results in loss in sales as well as customers. Therefore, the best formula to grow your business is never to lose your customer.

Here some ways to increase customer retention

  1. Set up Customer Expectation:

The very basic step in building customer retention is to set up client expectations, which means promise only as much, as much you can fulfill. So that they get a brief idea, of what and how much to expect from you and thereby even you can stay true to their expectation. On the other hand, under-promising and over-achieving can also result in the Customer being ‘delighted’ with the services and will want to stay with the company.

  1. Build Trust Through relationship:

Trust is very essential for any relationship, and that stands true even for company-client relation. Thus, building a trustworthy relationship not only strengthens your relation with your customer but also brings in more client from “word of mouth” marketing.


  1. A Complain is a Gift :

A complaining customer can get on your nerves sometimes. However, a customer who complains also provides you a chance to amend your error and restore customer’s faith in you. Perhaps, a gift-wrapped in thorns. Dealing with such clients should be done carefully because they may turn out to be the biggest advisors for the company or against it. The way the complaints are handled and how the customer is being treated is very important. Perhaps, a gift for the client when he points out to a major flaw in the system will to pacify the client and also might be a step towards winning him over.

  1. Email Marketing :

Email is a very power full tool that, if used correctly can build and expand your client network.

A 5-step procedure below can provide you with a basic Customer retention help:

  1. Pre-Purchase Emails: Marketing mails, with offers and detail included in them, to attract potential customers.
  2. Post Purchase Email: After first purchase, follow up with welcome mail and some quick tips or any further content that shows how glad you are, to have done business with them.
  3. Birthday /Event mail: Email triggered by specific events, such as Customer’s Birthday, Company’s Anniversary etc., everyone likes it when they get personalized mail on their special occasions.
  4. Reminder Mails: Update your clients with remainder mails; also notify them for new upgrades and features your company has acquired. If the customer has not been able to contact you for a long period, try sending a mail showing concern.
  5. Scheduling and confirming Time with Customer: Keep them updated with your schedule for completing the given service, or for any meeting. If they have any complaints, let them know, by when their issues will get a solution.
  1. Be the Expert :

Consider it a taboo to be “jack-of-all-trades but king of none”. Every Business is dependent on services to run their operations. No matter what industry you are working on, if you can be the expert in your field, your customers will be more likely to trust your service and stay loyally with you.

  1. Implement anticipatory service :

Anticipatory service is a proactive approach to customer service. Instead of waiting for problems to occur, a company that implements anticipatory service can eliminate problems even before they happen. Thereby, not giving your customer a chance to complain about your service.


  1. Make use of Automation :

Automation tools like Sage CRM and Sage ERP can handle time-consuming tasks with ease without growing weary. Automation is required for taking out all the mundane and monotonous tasks from the hands of the personnel so that they can focus on more important things. Automation tools not only help in automating tasks but also giving analytics of all the important ones. Analytics like automation is important to identify crucial tasks of the process so that they can be improved and services be bettered.

  1. Build KPIs around customer service :

A great way to improve customer retention is to improve the performance of the customer service team and building up a KPI network around them that can help track, monitor and provide better service to your customer. The fear of being evaluated or the motivation to stand out with excellent performance usually drives the person to perform. Building KPIs is also a good way to identify the loopholes in the system and exactly where the problem is happening.

  1. Build Relationship online :

Social media has been a boon for marketers with its low on budget marketing option as well as availability of customer on the platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and face book etc. makes it easy for the customers to know and stay updated with company. Though Social Media is a double edged sword. While the company, may use it to reach more customers and position themselves as favorable, the customers at the same time, use Social Media to vent out their anger in case they do not like some aspect of the company. Here, Online Reputation Management along with dealing with complaints online should be done, but with a proper strategy.

  1. Implement Customer feedback surveys :

Customer feedback surveys are invaluable for learning how our service is performing in relation to the client’s expectations. It’s a must that you pay heed to their feedback and imply what suits your business plans. Thus follow the above mentioned steps, in order to retain your most valued customer, help your business grow and have a positive reputation for your business and sometimes, even getting a new business idea. But the underline principle is that do not ignore even the slightest complaint from the customer. To know more about customer retention with SAGE CRM, Contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767, or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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