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Ways to manage Sales better with CRM tracking

Ways to manage Sales better with CRM tracking
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A CRM software plays a vital role in managing customer information that helps the organization to boost sales as well as to stay up to date. CRM for sales management will always act as a helping hand for any business in providing information as and when required. We all know that a CRM software is useful in maintaining customer data, managing better sales pipeline and sales forecast. Here are other ways that CRM tracking can help you better your sales.

Here is how CRM Tracking can help you in sales:

  1. Sales Report:

A CRM software can generate reports based on data recorded, for instance reports based on best sales achievement for the quarter showing the forecast v/s actual and the same can be used for further analysis. An interactive dashboards with graphical representation of the sales can also be created for easy sales tracking. Sales CRM from Sage Software Solutions provides with an interactive dashboard and a comprehensible reporting facility to rightly identify the regions that are doing well and those which need to be more focused.

  1. Leads Follow up:

Leads are basically enquires which at certain stage can be converted into a business. Marketing department is typically liable for the lead generation. CRM tracking for leads can help you keep a record by tracking and managing these leads as well as allows you to check the current Status of Leads on its interactive Dashboard. A Manager can also track what, when, and by whom a certain change were made into the lead. Proper lead management and follow-up is important to not lose the customer to competition. Step by step lead follow-up will not only be helpful to convert it but also to analyze in case the lead is lost. A better leads follow-up mechanism in place will also help you to manage a bigger number of leads when it is peak season.

  1. Mobile CRM

Nowadays, Smartphones have become new platform for creating enquiries, tracking leads, etc. through CRM Mobile App. These Mobile Apps have become the lifeline for field level executives as they can easily add New Leads, Meeting updates, etc. Furthermore it also saves time and provides a quicker access than on using a computer or laptop to record the information. Sage Mobile CRM help you to access information anywhere, anytime and from any device. Now if the customer asks the sales person to check inventory, the sales person can check the inventory from the client’s place instead of “getting back” to him after some days. This will also help in boosting the confidence of the customer in the company.


Additional Features

CRM software can be easily customized and modified on the organizations comfort and requirements. Also Integration of any third party application and tools is also feasible as Sage CRM supports Web Service and API integration. This helps in places where you might have POS implemented. This helps in getting data and analytics from everywhere in one place. Thus, boost your sales by providing your company a smooth and effective CRM software,

To know more about Sage CRM , contact us here, you can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or you can also drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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