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CRM for Wealth Management

Wealth Management CRM
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It is often noticed that high net worth households or individuals hire private wealth management companies to manage their investments and help them grow. Here, it is essential for the wealth management company to not only provide incomparable services in terms of investments, but also maintain very good relations with the client as they are high net worth clients and they comprise of their target market which is very niche and small in itself.

Here, Sage CRM from Sage Software Solutions from will be very useful for the company in not only managing but also acquiring new customers. What makes Sage CRM useful for such companies is the full – featured and web based structure which is easy and fast to deploy with low turnaround time.

Wealth Management CRM software not only helps the sales but also the customer services and marketing teams to close deals faster and project their campaigns effectively to their target audience and build a more profitable relationship. With tight and powerful back to front office integration across ERP and CRM, Sage CRM provides a 360 degree view of sales, customers and the development stage.

Features of Sage CRM for Wealth Management Companies:

Multiple Account Management:

Unlike the traditional organizations where one account manager is assigned to 1 or max 2 accounts, a Wealth Management Company needs to assign a relationship manager and a financial advisor separately and distribute the duties between them.

Wealth Management CRM software: Sage CRM from Sage Software Solutions allows one to assign managers to multiple accounts for various activities.

Client Induction and Check Process:

Inducting a customer by capturing all his details without any errors is very important for any organization. Esp. for a Wealth Management company, where the customers are of high net worth, the company cannot afford to make any mistakes while capturing and logic.

Sage CRM’s powerful workflow management allows the user to not only manage a flawless induction, but also define a logic, validation and process.

Know Your Customer or KYC compliance: 

Every wealth management company needs to keep their processes KYC compliant required by government authorities. Rules with powerful escalations in Sage CRM allows the company to define the “leakage rules” in the compliance management.

Portfolio and Product Management:

Wealth Management companies, unlike Securities Trading Companies offer a dynamic and comprehensive instruments of investments like equity, Gold ETF, Mutual Funds, Antiques. Sage CRM makes it easier for the Wealth Management Company to integrate a third party Portfolio Management System to give a 360 degree of the said customer.

Relationships and Household Tree:

In a Wealth Management company, it is very important to define the family tree and accordingly, the investments for each of them. Sage CRM from Sage Software Solutions allows the company to define and setup complex security rules to each portfolio.

Self Service:

Self Service is important for any industry as it gives customers a view on what the company is doing and it also boosts customer services as it gives a single portal for the customer for resolving queries or logging complaints and advise the wealth management company about new investments.

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