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What if Business could “date” Growth?

Business Growth
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Math taught us assumption and it’s utility to calculate and prove out our desired point easily. And owing to it, we came up with an idea, why not just assume our average teen, Mr. SMB in love with the gorgeous lady, Ms. Growth. Ridiculous as it may sound, but it is an assumptions love story, so why not say yes. So here we go.

Once upon a time, there was this decent guy, SMB, who had his heart and mind crazy over the most desirable lady in town, Growth. Being good friends, they often hanged out together, and SMB could not help but fall in love with her every time they met. One day gathering all his guts he decided to ask her “THE QUESTION”.

S: Hey Growth, I kinda like you, will you be mine?

G: Ha-ha, no way, we are good as friends, and I have my reasons

S: what?

G: Well let’s see, I could point out some major flaws, i.e”

  • Lack of understanding: you cannot go around with no understanding, you should communicate, share details and information if want it to workout. If things are not coordinated well, how do you expect a smooth flow?
  •  No game plan: For an instance, you have me by your side, how do you think you can make it through? Can you match the pace and my needs while managing your responsibility without any proper planning?
  • Always late: you always keep delaying things, and it clearly shows off how ill organized you are. Moreover, if I ever need your help, but still, you keep up with your procrastination, is it worth risking my life goals for it?
  • Finance planning: I have my needs for which I may need your financial support sometimes, however, you do not seem to plan about that either. All your monthly credits and debits are in a mess, you have debts to pay but you are off purchasing things you don’t need. So where is your support?
  • Anti-social: it is 21st century, and social media has become a major platform to reach out to the whole globe. Even businesses have found SMO a great way to extend their reach. And here you are struggling within your oblivion, which is a big NO-NO for me.


  • No security: even if you manage everything else, but in the end, due to any unfortunate event, you lose everything, what is your backup plan to come out of it un-shredded? With all my memories gone, you are more likely to desert me, so should I really be yours?

Harsh truth, he knew she was right, but did he lose hope? No. he met a world-renowned counsellor Sage Software Solutions. Sage Software has years of experience in helping over such cases, and thus helped the young chap to enhance his planning strategies, freed him from the claws of procrastination, induced sociality, taught him ways of efficient finance management and evaluating backup plans.

SMB was reborn, he was now ready to seek growth and this time, she could not say no, leading us to a happy ending!!


SMBS are the growing buds, many of which have great potential to reach up to a global level, but are pulled back just because of their ill-planned business management. Sage X3, is one of the leading ERP software services around the globe that assists you with process planning, team coordination, reliable data storing and timely SCM. Its efficient modules allows easy management of finance, purchase, inventory, etc. keeping all your processes in an excellent form, thus bringing in seamless growth to your SMB.

So what is it for you? Friend-zone or a healthy relationship?

Seeking growth? Why not try contacting us here or SMS SAGE to 56767 and send us a mail at Let us guide and consult you through the amazing Sage software solutions.

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