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When your ERP System hurts more than it helps?

ERP System
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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is the biggest asset for all the small sized as well as large sized businesses to operate efficiently and expand their growth. Nevertheless, if not maintained properly, ERP can hurt more than it helps.

There are several drawbacks if your ERP solution is not up-to-the-mark or robust enough to take care of your accounting transactions which are as follows:

  1. Printing hardcopies: If you are having ERP software for your business, you save paper rather printing it for Sales or Purchase Invoices. You can use Digital Signatures or can share important papers via mails or messages. This will reduce the usage of hardcopies. Plus, you can set User Authorization.
  1. Business Criteria: You should be clear about your criteria & business requirements and customise your ERP solution accordingly so that you should not face technical failures & business loss as you pay for the ERP solution.


  1. Database Issues: As your business, the database tends to grow. With the increase in business, there comes huge volumes of sales & purchase data to manage. Thus, requiring loads of data entries. This might eat up storage as well. To resolve this issue, you need to take a backup of all the old data and if possible delete all the duplicate entries you entered in the database. A robust ERP software integrates all your databases under one system. Thus, make sure that the software is serving the very purpose.
  1. Tracking Issues: You can experience time tracking issues resulting in frequent payroll problems. If tracking is an issue, you may want to contact your ERP vendor to see if you can add such functionality to your software. Note that tracking is one of the crucial aspects for a business. Therefore, ensure that it doesn’t cause problems regardless of whether it needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.


  1. Inaccurate Inventory: If you are using multiple solutions to track inventory, you may experience inventory issues. Instead, you can resolve issues of inaccurate inventory by connecting with suppliers or purchasers through the ERP software directly. You need to use your inventories as per your sales or purchases respective of your clients.
  1. Delays: One of the worst problems a business can experience. If your ERP system isn’t integrated in all your key business functions, your company will experience a disconnect among departments. The ERP system can also lead to data failure in such a scenario. In case, you have to expand your solutions, you need to sort your departments as per your business processes.

Thus, implementing an ERP solution successfully can be time-consuming, but when dealt with proper planning and diligence, it can eradicate your business hassles. To learn about safe and quick ERP implementations, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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