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Why Customer Complaints are Good for your Business

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In simple terms, complaint is something, which induces stress for a businessperson. Nevertheless, there are organisations that welcome customer complaints as an opportunity to further their services/products.

Customer complaint means something is not right and needs to be fixed immediately to prevent incurring a name to the brand. If ignored, it can cost you your business. Gone are the days when customers discuss with their friends (limiting to 20-30 folks) about their experience of the goods/services they buy, as today they can simply draft a tweet that can reach to a huge number of audience out there, think in thousands.

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Nowadays, customers buy a merchandise after carefully skimming through customer reviews and negative reviews are sure to shove them away. If you solve customer complaints in a prompt manner, it would help you in getting loyal customers thus, repeat business.

Try using customer complaints and feedbacks for bettering your services or products. Here’s how a good CRM software solution tool can help you leverage the best of customer complaints:

Complaint Analysis: How will you come to know a complaint is been logged?

The customer rep receives either an email or a phone call. Now, there are various parameters to analyse a complaint. For instance, who the complainant is, frequency of complaints from the same customer for the same product.

All this can be handled in a much better manner with the help of an online CRM software. Customer relationship management software lets you key-in complaints along with the customer and product details that would help in tracking the frequency of the complaints. Also, it is much easier to extract this data as and when you required. No need to hop from one cabinet to the other!

How to handle customer complaints?

To deal with customer complaints effectively, follow the below-mentioned complaint analysis process to help turn complaint into an opportunity:

  1. Listen and understand: When a customer says something always pay attention to what s/he is trying to say because there must be a reason for the grievance. Once you understand the root-cause, arrange for the required resolution.
  2. Apologize: A polite sorry can make your road smooth while talking to the customer. Sometimes all a customer wants is an apology for the dissatisfied experience. 
  3. Find a solution: As soon as possible, try to resolve the issue. Your service team should handle each complaint dedicatedly ensuring that the customer doesn’t have to wait for too long.
  4. Follow-up with the customer: This is the most important thing you need to do all throughout the process.

So embrace customer complaints with open arms and perceive them as opportunities to better your product/service.

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