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Why Digital Transformation Requires Talent more than Technology?

Digital Transformation
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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation depends less on buying expensive technologies and more on making your workforce capable of handling them. It’s a process of upskilling and bridging the gap between talent supply and demand. This article talks on why companies should focus more on talent than technology for digital transformation. 

Invest in your workforce

Innovation is generally referred to as a process of “creative destruction”. It destroys traditional jobs and creates new and improved ones. Digital transformation gives birth to numerous jobs — including AI, Machine Learning, and Automation — but this requires upskilling your workforce so that they know how to use the technology to its fullest. Companies should invest in their workforce and make them market-ready.

Focus on soft skills more than hard skills

There is no doubt that digital transformation requires people with hard skills — such as data scientists and cybersecurity professionals. But as history suggests, hard skills are temporary. They change with market demands. Whereas soft skills — such as the will to learn and intellectual curiosity — are permanent. Companies should focus on nurturing soft skills in their workforce so that it’s easy for them to upskill and get ready with the required hard skills quickly.

Build a data-driven culture

The basic difference between industry leaders — such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook — and the rest is that they breathe in a data-driven culture. Instead of hiring big-budget data scientists and expensive AI technologies, they focus more on building digital assets. Utilizing valuable data and gaining meaningful insights is more important than collecting huge piles of trivial information. Companies should understand that data-driven culture is the only way to future-proof themselves and stay competitive.

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