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Why it’s easier to source ideas from your customers than you might think?

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Inbound marketing is a widely used technique to draw new customers and business. It involves a mix of marketing tactics and practices to draw attention towards a product or service offered by a business. However, the problem faced by many salespeople is to come up with the most apt content that would attract the masses. Coming up with the most effective content brings in the need to understand your customers’ preferences, needs and taste well.

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This is where a CRM solution comes into picture when it comes to dealing with customer information and getting the most out of it. Customer information includes all kind of data such as products a customer is interested in, purchase history, previous orders, preferences, patterns, previous communications and so on.

Now as we know how important it is to know what may interest your customers rather than simply sharing fluff information that they’ve already heard/read or something that is of no use to them. This certainly would be a huge turn off pushing the customers away from a brand or business.

Nevertheless, there are smart businesses out there that skillfully source marketing and product innovation ideas from no one else but their customers. Yes, here’s how you too can source ideas from your customers:

  1. Solicit your customers

It can be a product feature, a business concept or best practices to using a particular product, when a business asks for it and customer suggests it, make sure that it doesn’t fall on deaf ears and is paid heed to. Who knows, it might be something that other customers would like to learn about as well. Eureka! Word of mouth.

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This not only gives out a feeling that they are being listened, but also drives customer loyalty. Further, if a company is willing to invest resources in developing content based on the suggestions of a customer, it indicates that the company is responsive and committed to customers’ success — which is exactly what you should be demonstrating through your marketing efforts.

  1. Determine what your customers read

Using a smart marketing CRM software can help you view a customer’s online journey aka online footprints giving you a good picture of his/her preferences, interests, buying behaviours and lot more all from a single dashboard. Now this should help a company’s marketing team to come up with effective marketing materials and strategies that would appeal their target audience. It can be a free case study, whitepaper, video tutorial, etc. that aims to educate and inform the masses about a particular area of interest.

  1. Ask your sales team

Sales team is another source of information when it comes to understand and know your customers. Getting in touch with your sales rep will help you identify what has been sold and what major enhancements can be done in order to improve customer experience. A CRM system by leveraging customer intelligence would help you understand your customers in a much better manner.

Sourcing ideas from your customers is a great way to stay ahead of the curve in today’s cutthroat business ecosystem. It will help come up with the most effective marketing strategy that would appeal the audience whilst strengthening customer relationships.

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