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Why upgrade your ERP to Sage X3?

ERP to Sage X3
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Sage X3 is not a regular feature limited ERP system. It goes beyond the basic definition of an ERP Environment with a game changing difference in functionality, features, cost estimation, user interface, etc. It is much faster, simpler, user intuitive and an inherent flexible business management solution. Being backed up by the power of cloud computing, Sage X3 is an all in one ERP solution delivering seamless functionality and flexibility at the same time, being user intuitive it also caters to a lot of critical issues faced by the Manufacturing firms at an affordable cost.

Sage X3 provides the end user to manage multiple businesses and its activities such as purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, customer service, sales, and financial management under one system. It can be customized to add proficiency in management of your organization’s requirements and necessities. Moreover, it targets parameters like user roles, preferences, management, operations and much more, which are required in an organization. Along with being a cross-browser compatible it is a multi-language, multi-company, multi-ledger, multi-currency and multi-legislation with respect to its functionality and design.

Efficient multi-tasking with Sage ERP solution:

  • Multi-language: Being multi-language it enables you to manage the operating language of the ERP system so that you can operate it in your desired language with ease. Also, you can manage your different branches in different countries without thinking about integrating different systems in one for more visibility and control.
  • Multi-company: This enables companies to manage multiple organizations / branches / subsidiaries and maintain the data into a single database. It also allows an organisation to share the same repository while filtering while having mapping facilities for users. Hence, the data though on a single platform is secure and protected.
  • Multi-site: This feature helps to manage and operate multiple structures, departments and operating protocols within the same company, it can be customized easily according to different processes in the business, organization, or geographical needs.
  • Multi-currency: This comes as one of the key features when comes to transactions in Sage X3. Multi – currency gives the company an ability to manage transaction currencies. All the amounts in transactions are then translated as ‘ledger’ currency.
  • Multi-ledger: It gives the advantage to declare several ledgers for a company along with its subsidiaries and branches. These help in gaining visibility and maintaining control over all branches and subsidiaries.
  • Multi-legislation: This feature gives an ability to manage many companies physically situated in different countries, considering this the local rules are applied depending on the context and as per this the rules can be defined using the user designed system settings and it may also include dedicated processes and functionalities.

Along with all of that, Sage X3 is a known solution to streamline workflows and processes of manufacturing companies. Since manufacturing companies have a lot of complex procedures and involve a lot of monitoring, most of the work is offline and done manually. Sage X3 gives the manufacturer the boost by automating all processes and streamlining workflows.  Sage X3 ERP solution goes beyond the barriers by providing many key features which enable any business to aid their ERP needs without any glitch by providing a web based ERP Environment

To know about more cool features of Sage X3 and its seamless implementation, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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