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Why your marketing team can’t do without CRM?

Why your marketing team can't do without CRMWhy your marketing team can't do without CRM
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Your customers are the pillars of your business. Irrespective of the industry you operate into or the products/services you offer, your customers undoubtedly are the most valuable assets of your company. Customers provide you with valuable feedback and serve as a catalyst for you to come up with new ideas and concepts. Not to forget, the revenue they bring in for your business to survive and scale. This is the reason customer happiness and satisfaction ought to be the top-priority for any business. Customer satisfaction goes a lot beyond simply appreciating the customers for choosing you, as it boils down to understanding them better. Your relationship with your customers determine the company’s overall success in long-run, which calls for some level of customer intelligence.


The million-dollar question is how do you tap and leverage customer intelligence for effective marketing?


The term ‘customer relationship management (CRM) has been floating around for more than a decade among sales world and has rapidly paved its way into the world of marketing.

Customer relationship management has traversed a long way from Rolodex to ledgers and spreadsheets to state-of-the-art CRM solutions. Simply put, the CRM game has undergone sea changes and a massive revolution.

Marketing is one of the most integral departments for a company, which generates heaps of customer data (information of prospects, leads, opportunities, purchase history, etc.) on almost daily basis.

Usually, CRM revolves around the tactics employed by marketers to manage customers such as devising marketing programs to influence/attract particular set of audience. Unfortunately, the old-school CRM practices eat up huge amount of time and efforts. This is the reason CRM solutions are gaining a good amount of traction among marketers these days.

Essence of CRM in Marketing

CRM software helps manage your company’s interactions and relationships with existing as well as prospective customers. In other words, it offers a holistic or say 360-degree view of your customers, all on a unified platform.

CRM systems help improve brand reach through well-targeted and devised messages while at the time speeding up brand’s marketing endeavours by offering customer insights in real time.

Knowing your customers both existing as well as the potential ones starts with effective marketing. Yes, using a CRM system helps a business to attract, retain as well as nurture leads/customers.  Though there is a sea of CRM systems out there that can help automate and manage customer data for your business, most of these hyped systems often tend to overkill. This is why we recommend going with something simpler and user-friendly such as Sage CRM to collect as well as track customer information.

Did you know CRM systems are known to improve customer retention levels by 25%!

Customer service and marketing teams can key in and share critical information pertaining to customers into the system for seamless sales pipeline management. Every department in the company right from sales to operations can get the required customer data at the click of a button. With such convenience, marketing and sales teams can collaborate seamlessly towards a common goal i.e. winning new business.

It is crucial for every marketer out there to understand the importance of mobile and social media in today’s connected age. Most of the consumers today are on the loop be it by computer, tablet or smartphone, always connected. Social CRM for marketing approach is what marketers need today. Social CRM integrates all your social profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to help you understand your customers’ social behaviour/preferences/interests, find influencers and engage them well.

The key to effective marketing is all about understanding your audience and CRM system does that for you. Since the world has changed and so the business tactics – it is imperative for marketers to learn and reach their audience the way they prefer, which is why getting an advanced CRM solution is now as important as having a website for your business.

To learn more on how Sage CRM can empower your marketing and sales department, SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to us at for a free consultation.


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