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Why Your Sales Team Hates Your CRM Software?

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Back down the memory lane, inside and field sales reps across the world relied on conventional card catalogues and filing systems when it comes to keeping a tab on prospect and customer lists. This was the reason technology provider opted to simplify this painstaking process by introducing CRM software also known as customer relationship management software.


As every salesperson knows that the success of his/her customers depends on purchasing the right products and using them appropriately. You can buy the best car out there, but what if don’t know how to drive it? It will be nothing, but a piece of metal.


And, sales CRM software is no exception here. It is a powerful customer management tool when used appropriately, but can pose hindrances if not used efficiently.


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According to a recent survey, an average sales rep spends around 5-6 hours per week keying in data into the CRM solution manually, which almost accounts to a full workday. This includes logging in emails and phone calls.


Remaining work hours go into rectifying or adding prospects’ data into the CRM tool. This is the reason why a staggering number of CRM software users fail to enter complete contact details into the CRM system. On the other hand, a number of CRM users don’t log in all the activities and tend to have repeat data entries for same prospects leading data de-duplication and discrepancies.


If your sales crew uses a CRM tool, make sure to standardise the kind of activities your sales reps would log and ensure to offer proper CRM training so that the reps understand the essence of a completed contact profile.


Headaches of Manual CRM Data Entry:


  1. Hours of logging activities (meetings, phone calls, emails, etc.)
  2. Updating contact records
  3. Researching for job titles
  4. Reviewing existing contacts
  5. Eliminating duplicates
  6. Incomplete contact information
  7. Outdated CRM data
  8. Duplicate contacts
  9. Incomplete logging activities


Note that your CRM solution ought to be simple to use and navigate and less time-consuming. If your sales reps capture quality and proper contact details from individuals they interact with, you will witness a steep improvement in data accuracy. Eureka! A good sales CRM software requires less hours of data entry.


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