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Will 2018 witness the demise of cold calling?

Cold Calling
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Is cold calling dead? A question we have been hearing since long. Interestingly, there are countless of conflicting views and opinions floating around this topic. For many, the answer to this dilemma depends on their definition of cold calling.

Cold calling has been the most preferred and prevalent prospecting strategy used by salespeople since decades. However, the past few years have witnessed a steep surge in the number of alternatives to cold calling such as social selling.

So is it time to pay our condolences to cold calling? Let us find out:

Cold calling has been through sea change!

Setting up meetings, making follow-up calls, keeping in touch with prospects/leads, a lot of business is being executed via cold calls. What is important is the style of cold calling, which hasn’t changed until now. A good cold call is well -practiced, researched, structured and involves exceptional listening skills to make it appear as natural as possible keeping intact the touch of real-life conversation.

Cold calling with a tinge of social media!

Tweeting haphazardly to your followers won’t yield the desired results, since it requires the right type of content that your target audience would prefer. In addition, bombarding your mailing list with emailers won’t do any good either. Successful salespeople in today’s era ensure to have the right mix of social media engagement and cold calling tactics. Engage on social platforms with the right audience i.e. users who aptly fit your buyer criteria.

Though email is an excellent tool, in fact a great means to communicate and send information, but it lacks the human touch and real-life conversations that you get with telephoning your prospects or clients to build lasting business relationships. Email is devoid of compassion, empathy and most importantly, there’s no listening involved.

Those who find it uneasy to pick up that phone, email sounds a perfect armoury for them. However, sitting behind a screen and typing out the content would be of little to no help when it comes to follow-ups. Result: most of the emails are flushed into the spam or trash folder, mostly unread/unopened.

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Cold calling unlike email marketing and social media requires skills to engage your leads in a conversation. On the other hand, success on social media relies on several touchpoints via multiple channels. One of the touchpoints is the phone followed by face-to-face conversations. So you simply can’t rule out cold calling from the prospecting process.

This is where a robust and advanced CRM software comes into picture, since it integrates all the data pertaining to social media, sales pipeline, leads, prospects, etc. Cold calling when anchored by an intelligent CRM system and the intuitive customer data it offers, a business is sure to nurture a good number of leads and close more deals successfully.

To conclude, we can say that cold calling is here to stay! You just ought to do your homework whilst having a well-organised target list. Your sales reps ought to know whom they are calling exactly and why. Cold calling has traversed a long way and is no longer a means of telemarketing now.

It works great, if done well!

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Disclaimer: All the information, views and opinions expressed in this write-up are those of the authors and their respective web sources and in no way reflect the views, principles or objectives of Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd.

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