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Winning the CRM game is all about how you use it

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A customer relationship management or CRM solution can deliver key insights about your organisation that you would have never ever imagined. Yes, it helps in accurate sales forecasting, contact management and marketing to name a few.

Yes, CRM solutions have the potential to be a game changer for businesses be it a startup or an established corporate, but wait there is a cache and it’s critical. The worth of a CRM software does not lie in the product or its features. In fact, it is all about how you use it. And alike any other thing, mastering it requires time and diligence.


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To achieve maximum success with CRM, you ought to first devise a training plan for the sales crew, as your sales team is the one that will be feeding in the most vital data into the system. Even if it takes a while to adopt, it is still advisable and the most viable thing to do. Remember, it is always a marathon and not just a sprint.


Say for instance, if you intend to run for a marathon. You simply won’t go out there and hop 30 miles immediately at one stretch, not unless you possess some kind of superhuman power to do so. Jokes aside! The trick is to first begin with a few quick runs say for a week covering couples of miles at a time and then gradually increasing the distance and pace. It’s the same with CRM as well.


The biggest mistakes businesses and entrepreneurs tend to make with sales CRM software is that they push the system in its entirety at one go and expect success in return, which is almost next to impossible.


Similar to running in a marathon, you ought to proceed with a cumulative approach when it comes to training your sales team hands-on with the CRM solution. This not only makes it easier for them to adopt the system, but also brings in better visibility and consistency into sales and your business overall.


Where should you kick-start the training?

To attain nirvana with CRM, the thumb-rule is to begin with the basics. You can start by having your sales team to focus on keying in their prospects into the system right from day one. This can be as petty as maintaining 4-5 opportunity fields updated, say for the first few weeks or so.

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Once it becomes a mundane thing for them, you can witness your sales data developing consistently over time and can have them proceed with the next phase. Chances are quite high your sales folks will start realizing how the sales CRM software is helping them to be more efficient and productive thus, improving its adoption rate significantly.

Online CRM software features are getting bigger and better with time. Yes, sales teams can now sell faster and smarter than before with the best CRM tool at their disposal. A sales leader or manager can lay his/her hands on data science that would in turn help in making awesome sales forecast. But irrespective of how advanced or intuitive the CRM technology gets, the ROI part is hugely dependant on how you use it. Provide your sales reps with necessary and timely training to harness the true potential of a CRM solution.

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