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Why it’s time for HR to enter the Big Data Game?

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Big data is omnipresent and you just can’t turn a blind eye to it. Surprisingly a few years ago, big data was considered as the turf for data nerds and big players only, but contrary to the misconception, it has made its way in customer service, marketing, sales and Human Resources operations as well.

Big Data is the process of gathering and storing large chunks of information for process automation, analysis for decision making and getting insights. The concept began to gain traction in the early 2000’s, when industry analyst Dong Laney articulated the definition of big data known as the three vs (volume, velocity and variety).


Though a lot has been said and written about Big Data, but there is hardly any voice when it comes to using Big Data for human resources. This eBook beats all the odds, as it aims to throw light on how big data can make lives a lot easier for HR professionals.

Why your HR needs to embrace big data? 1
Benefits of Big Data for HR? 2
Why Big Data has become the perfect pick-me-up for several industries? 3
Why HR needs to leverage Big Data? 4
Why is big data a game changer for HR? And much more. 5
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